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Lockdown Life: 10 Household Items to Throw Away N-O-W!

Who doesn’t want a clutter-free home, right? Now that we are forced to stay at home, we can make our houses as neat and orderly as possible. Well, de

Who doesn’t want a clutter-free home, right? Now that we are forced to stay at home, we can make our houses as neat and orderly as possible. Well, deep cleaning the abode can make our lockdown life worthwhile. Here’s the opportunity, albeit the sad reason behind it, that we must all seize.

Most of the time, a great home interior isn’t because of the accessories and appliances you place in the area. It’s about keeping the area clean. Whether it’s a condo, house and lot in Laguna or Quezon City or any property, a great interior equates to a clutter-free zone.

To have a clean home, you must purge a few of your stuff. You’ll find you have several things you don’t need. The items might be broken or useless. Thus, there’s no reason to keep them. If you have no idea which items to keep and which ones you should throw away, then use this list to find it out for yourself.

Then again, some family members have grown too attached to certain things for sentimental reasons. KonMari your way with these things: keep items that speak to your heart and discard those that no longer spark joy.

Things to throw away now

1) Cardboard food boxes

Have you heard of decanting? It’s a better way to store your food instead of keeping them in their original packets. To keep your cereals, snacks, and other dry goods fresh and crunchy, you should transfer the contents in a jar instead of retaining them in their boxes. The boxes take a lot of space and allow pests to munch on your goodies. As such, transferring them on their designated jars is more hygienic than letting them on their original packages. 

2) Wire hangers

Don’t use wire hangers unless you can’t afford any other types of hangers. It doesn’t support your clothes shape. They’re flimsy and can only deform your clothes. Worse, it leaves marks on your clothes, especially when the metal is already exposed. It also discolors your clothes once its body begins to rust. If you want to maintain the state of your clothes right, you should purchase wood and cedar hangers. Plastic hangers are a great choice too but choose the stylish ones.

3) Dish sponges

Sponges are breeding grounds for bacteria. You should replace them regularly so you won’t spread bacteria to other dishes. As a rule of thumb, you must replace it every two weeks to a month if you don’t use it that much. If you’re using the same sponge for a month, then it’s time you toss it in the bin. In between uses, you can give it a spin in your dishwasher. But, it’s best if you use a brush instead of anything else.

4) Dirty air filters

You should do a deep cleaning once in a while to check parts of your home that you usually neglect. It includes your HVAC system and filters. It’s best to schedule your cleaning every spring and autumn. It provides enough time for you to change your filters and increase the lifespan of your AC system. When you own property in Cebu City, dirt may accumulate faster because of several sources of pollutants. That’s the difference when you buy a house a lot in Laguna, for instance, a province where rural and suburban areas thrive.

5) Old shoes

Even if they are your most trusted pair, it’s time you say goodbye for those which are broken beyond repair. You should also throw out those which are worn out or missing the other foot. Remember, your feet deserve pampering too. Treat them with a new pair of shoes you can break in for a change.

6) Clothing that doesn’t fit or you never wear

Everyone has a few pieces of clothing or a dozen they haven’t used in a while. You can clear a lot of closet space when you donate or sell the coats and jackets that aren’t in season or the bottoms that no longer fit your kids. You’ll discover you have several items you haven’t used for some time while earning on the side. While at it, when you buy a house and lot or any property, you must preserve the given space and use it wisely to maximize its acreage value.

7) Baby stuff

Your baby is now all grown up. It’s been years, and you’re still keeping the baptismal clothing and infant wear. You have the crib, stroller, and walker stored in an attic accumulating cobwebs. If having another baby isn’t part of your plan, you can give all of them to a relative who has a toddler or a neighbor who’s a few months their due.

8) Toys

Don’t hold onto toys that your children outgrew. Like you, they change hobbies and interests. If they aren’t playing with their toys anymore, it’s time you donate them to a children’s shelter, a charity, or your local community. You can also look for ideas on how to upcycle toys and use them as decors in their bedrooms and other parts of your house.

9) Halloween costumes

No one repeats their Halloween costume. Let go of last year’s costume before you buy new ones for this year’s celebration. But if you have a child who can’t decide between two outfits, you can hold onto a pair from older siblings in case he or she changes her mind. You can always sell them online so you’ll have extra cash to buy a new one or give it to a friend who will need it.

10) Finished coloring books

You can keep one or two for a keepsake. The rest? You should recycle them. No one can use a filled coloring book. Moreover, you can’t use them anywhere.

These are the things you must throw away when clearing your space. Your home is better off without them. You’ll have more space in your cupboards, closet, and other storages when you let go of these things. So purge, purge, purge!

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