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Getnews360.com is a leading news portal with one of the major sections being the automotive section. We enjoy the patronage of a large base of the online audience. We always focus on receiving the best editorial materials that inform the auto dealers and consumers in making the right use of the best write-ups. 

In this section, we expect automotive guest posts that deals in auto care, automobile, auto repair, auto insurance, garage, bike care, new bike models and new auto models. 

The contents written by you should be as per the Google search console guideline. The contents should necessarily be informative and also catchy written in the right way. There should be proper headings and subheadings on every automotive article/blog that you write. This would help the article look attractive and neat. 

We accept original concepts, unbiased and compelling arguments. The quality of the contents should necessarily be high. The text in the automotive article/blog should be well-structured text with catchy headings, necessary tables and lists. You can place links to some relevant and credible sources that can very well substantiate the mentioned ideas and claims. You should necessarily use descriptive and relevant link text rather than mentioning ‘click here to find out more.” The link text should describe the link’s target. 

We do not accept topics that have already been published on our platform beforehand. You need to search our portal before you go ahead and submit the ideas to us. 

The checklist that you should follow while submitting an automotive guest article/blog to us 

  • The write-up should necessarily contain interesting and clear information and advice that takes our readers into account 
  • The write-up should be exclusively written and was never published on the web beforehand. We do not accept re-posts. 
  • You should submit the write-up with all necessary information that you require in the final version like link text, links etc. 
  • The write-up should not infringe any copyright laws. 
  • The submitted write-up should include a catchy headline, easily understandable body text and also a byline. 
  • The write-up should be plagiarism-free and should pass Copyscape. 
  • The write-up should necessarily be unique and engaging. 

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