Portable AC vs Window AC: Choosing the Right Cooling solution for your Space

Portable ACs and Window ACs are two different types of AC sdesigned for specific types of spaces. And when used right, both of them can give you bang

Portable ACs and Window ACs are two different types of AC sdesigned for specific types of spaces. And when used right, both of them can give you bang for your buck. 

Hence, it is important to understand which AC is made for you, and suits your space. Today we will discuss these two most purchased ACs in households, and which is better for you. 

Portable Air Conditioner:

Portable air conditioners are ACs which can be moved anywhere easily, whenever you want. They’re designed for small households and can cool one room at a time. They’re a free-standing unit, provided with wheels for easy movement. They’re also self-contained units, which you can set up next to a window or socket. You don’t need to mount them on the wall to install them. They come in many varieties and types. 

They work like any other AC, that is, by extracting the hot air from your room and releasing cool air. There are some basic components like evaporator, compressor, condenser, fan etc., all of which are found in window and split ACs too. There is a single hose that takes in air from indoors and expels it outdoors. In some models, there is a dual hose too, which pulls air from outdoors using one hose, cools the air through the compressor and throws it indoors. 

Pros and Cons of Portable ACs:


  • Can be easily moved
  • Easy set up with no need for permanent installation 
  • Can be stored when not needed
  • Quick spot cooling


  • Can be noisy
  • Cannot cool big spaces
  • Need to be placed near a window, blocking your view
  • Low cooling capacity 

Who should buy Portable ACs?

  • People who live in small or rented places and cannot install or mount an AC on the wall.
  • People who want a temporary cooling solution 
  • People on a budget 
  • Window Air Conditioner:

Window ACs are self-contained units which, as the name suggests, are installed in the window or by making a hole in the wall. These are the ideal types of ACs to cool a small space like your bedroom or a one-room kitchen home easily. It is a single unit AC with all its components inside. This AC removes all hot air from indoors, expelling it outdoors, and humidity for more comfort. They also have filters that slide so you can clean them easily, and they come with remote controls to adjust the temperature.  

Pros and cons of a Window AC:


  • Cheaper option that’s also more efficient
  • Easy to install 
  • Do not need floor space 
  • Have better cooling capacity 
  • Have more modes and functions than a portable AC


  • Can be noisy 
  • Obscure views from the window and need an electric outlet close by
  • Not all houses can support window ACs

Who should buy Window ACs?

  • People who live in small spaces and their room to be cooled quickly and efficiently 
  • People are willing to install a unit in their window 
  • People who are looking for models with more features

What other factors do you need to understand while buying AC?

  1. Budget
  2. Efficiency
  3. Space
  4. Extra Features 
  5. Maintenance 

Both Portable ACs and Window ACs are made for small spaces, but they differ in terms of installation, efficiency, and extra features. You must first measure your space and then start researching which type is more suitable for it. 

If you live in a rented place and cannot install an AC in the wall or window, and don’t have many people living with you, you can consider buying a portable AC which is sufficient for two people, and people who want a temporary cooling solution for the summer. 

If you live in your own apartment and are willing to install an AC in your window, a window AC is a great option. It ensures a better cooling capacity and can cool the room with three to four people easily and is also budget friendly with low maintenance.