10 Ideas to celebrate New Year with your loved ones

New Year marks the beginning of the year. Just like the morning shows the day, it is believed that the first day itself shows the rest of the year. W

New Year marks the beginning of the year. Just like the morning shows the day, it is believed that the first day itself shows the rest of the year. We suggest you to never compromise with sharing happiness, expressing your love, thankfulness and true feelings with your loved ones on a day as grand day as New Year. So celebrate the very first day of the year by sharing unlimited moments of joy and love with your loved ones. Here are a few ways to help you celebrate this special day and make a great start towards a fresh and joyful year!

Lucky Bamboo with Black Forest Cake

Order for your loved ones this hamper of luck and delicacy. According to Feng Shui, Bamboo is one of the luckiest plants that attracts positivity, good health, and peace. It can be placed anywhere at home and needs no maintenance. A celebration is never complete without a cake. This combo brings to you a black forest cake that is frosted with whipped cream and blended with heavenly flavors of dark chocolate and a beautiful two-layered bamboo plant. Begin the celebrations with your loved ones by gifting them with such an amazing gift hamper. 

Charming Pink Roses in a Box

If you’re taking a resolution to make others happy in the upcoming year, then start the year by making someone happy with the color of friendship and happiness. So what can be better than gifting someone with the most beautiful elements of nature! This elegant arrangement of pink roses in a black box is such a mesmerizing peace of beauty which can bring a smile of happiness to anyone. 

Joyful Moment Photo Cake

Cherish one of the best moments you spent in the last year before beginning a new one.  On New Year’s Eve, order this cake with the most amazing picture of your family and cut along with your loved ones at the zero night. Begin the year with the flavourful taste of this chocolate flavored photo cake and have a Happy New Year!

Roses & Celebrations Combo

A pack of all the tasteful Cadbury chocolates and a bunch of bright, fresh and handpicked red roses; this combo certainly brings joy to the one it is gifted to. Even if you’re not together with your lover, send her/ him this combo of Roses and Celebrations to let them start the celebrations with love and sweetness.

Delightful Rocher Bouquet

A chocolate lover would love nothing but chocolates. Begin a year with your loved one by making them happy with this bunch of world’s most famous chocolate Ferrero Rocher and 16 handpicked Red roses. Show your love in a royal and elegant way with this uniquely incredible bouquet. 

Mix Snacks Bunch

Sounds so unique right? A bouquet of flowers may be common but a bouquet of your favorite snacks like Lays, Kurkure and yummy chocolates can serve as a funky present to a special friend and be useful in a celebration. Order this online and share the munchies of happiness with your cool friends in the New Year’s party.

Basket of Surprise

Celebrating New Year with your cute lover and wondering how to impress her? Buy this hamper of adorable teddy bears and the most classic chocolates- Dairy Milk, beautifully arranged in a basket. This surprise basket is a wonderful way to bring you loads of love and start the year with a romance filled day. 

20 Yellow Roses N Card

Sending a Happy New Year card is like a tradition that is followed by the whole world. This amazing card paired with a bunch of bright yellow flowers that symbolize friendship can be a perfect way to wish your friend a very happy new year. 

New Year Vanilla Cake

Wish your friends and family a Happy New Year with a tasteful bite of this cake and make their year perfect. Let the beginning of the year as sweet and special as a delicious, soft and light flavor of vanilla. Order this New Year Vanilla cake in the New Year eve and cut it with your family right at the zero night. 

Amazing Roses and Teddy Combo

This special hamper of love has everything, a bouquet of pink roses to start a new friendship or rekindle an old one, a strawberry cake to share the sweetness and forget all the bitter memories, and an adorable teddy bear to remind your loved ones of you throughout the year and all the years to come. Order this combo for your dearies and rejoice the moments of love on New Year ‘s Day.