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If you are appreciated for your travel writing and if you are looking forward to reaching out to millions of new audiences for the travel writing masterpieces that you create, then you should consider submitting travel guest posts to getnews360. Write for us travel We are always in search of the best travelling blog writers who can contribute to our site.

We usually publish short travel articles that enlighten our large reader base, reveal them new and explore the interesting areas to check out as well as showcase the most popular travel destinations worldwide. Our readers belong to various age groups majorly in the age bracket of 18-40 years and are looking for new experiences and good times. They are eager to know about various travel destinations, celebrations, happening nightlife and also keen in learning about various cultures. They also are enthusiastic about uncovering several adrenalin-fueled tasks.

We are preferably looking for regular contributors as well as guest blog owners who can contribute in routine intervals like every week, fortnight, month or quarter. However, the visitor posts are also welcome.

Guidelines to submit travel articles or travel guest blogs 

  • You need to ensure that your content is focused on providing new and fresh information/perspective on travel, vacations, season travel, destinations and other travel themes.
  • The body of the article should have 700+ words. The maximum number of words that are allowed is 750 words.
  • The article or blog should be completely unique.
  • The content should necessarily be factual.
  • The content of the article/blog should not deal with prohibited substances like alcohol, drugs and adult content. Also, you should not use any copyrighted materials in your article/blog.
  • The article should necessarily be related to travel.
  • We would review your backlink and article details. If the same is accepted, we would let you know accordingly.
  • When we publish your post, you should necessarily make it a point to share the link of the published article/blog on our platform across all your social media channels within 48 hours of the same being published.

After you submit the post to us, our expert team would go through the same and determine if all the parameters are met. Also, they would review the quality and the facts in the article/blogs. If everything is found up to the mark, then your submitted post would finally be published on our site.

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