Remember These Tips When Buying And Using Essential Oils

Essential oils are considered extremely beneficial for the skin. However, while buying and using them, you should take special care of some things. Es

Essential oils are considered extremely beneficial for the skin. However, while buying and using them, you should take special care of some things.

Essential oils have been used for years as a natural medicine as part of aromatherapy. However, for some time now, women have started including it in their skin care routine. These essential oils are considered good for your skin and hair. It calms your body and mind as well as rejuvenates it. These essential oils are derived from the extracts of a variety of plants. Lavender, peppermint, sandalwood, and citronella are some popular essential oils used in skin care routines. There are many types of essential oils available in the market these days. In such a situation, if you are using essential oil for the first time, then you may make some mistakes while buying or using it and then your skin will have to bear the compensation. So, today we are telling you about some tips related to buying and using essential oil, which you should really take great care of-

Correct Packing

When buying essential oil, it is very important to pay attention to its packaging. When buying essential oils, you should ensure that it is in a glass bottle and has a glass dropper or that it is packaged with an aluminum bottle.

Do Patch Test

If you are planning to use essential oil on your skin for the first time, then it is very important that you do a patch test before using it on your face or skin and see if the essential oil suits your skin type. Yes or No. For this, dilute essential oil and apply it on your inner forearm. Avoid using the oil on your skin if you feel any irritation or redness.

Please Check This Thing

When you are buying any essential oil, you must check that it is of therapeutic grade and not fragrance oil. For example, the fragrance of roses can also be created artificially using chemicals. Therefore, before buying pure oil, it is very important to check its label.

Do Not Use Directly On Skin

One of the most important tips you should keep in mind when using essential oils is to never use them directly on the skin. Rather, you use them only by mixing them with a carrier oil. This is because essential oils are extremely powerful and can cause irritation when applied directly to the skin. You can choose from the carrier oil like coconut oil, jojoba oil, argan, rose etc. However, before using any carrier oil, make sure it suits your skin type. For example, if women with oily skin use coconut oil, it can clog your pores. Also, pay attention to its proportions while diluting the essential oil. For example, if you are using 15 drops of essential oil, mix six teaspoons of carrier oil with it.

Store properly

Essential oils have a long shelf life and can be used for years. You just need to store them properly. Use glass bottles to store essential oils and keep them in a cool and dark place, as sunlight can affect their potency. This is why they are often sold in dark colored bottles. In addition, citrus essential oils such as lemon grass essential oil, grapefruit essential oil or tangerine essentials should be refrigerated to prevent oxidation.

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