Which types of mobile apps make the most money?

Ranging from Mobile payments apps to Audiobooks apps, from Healthcare apps to food delivery apps there are several apps in the market created by local

Ranging from Mobile payments apps to Audiobooks apps, from Healthcare apps to food delivery apps there are several apps in the market created by local app developers, but ever guessed which ones would be making good money out of all and how much does it cost to make an app? Below is the list of some popular apps,

1)     TaptIn– This is a very special app for pegs and food lovers also for the ones who love meeting new people. This app earns more money because it allows hundreds of strangers to not just order food & drinks but also chat with new people and make friends. Having a chilled beer with a group of newbies is always better than having it alone. 

2)     AudioBooksNow– Nowadays many of us are switching from physical books to online ones. “Audiobooks” is just icing on the cake as it allows every book lover to listen to their favourite books instead of reading while travelling or long commutes. It is definitely to earn much more money than most of the apps developed by any app development company in Maryland. 

3)     Forte Mobile Payment– As this app allows merchants to accept huge payments from their customers, anywhere and anytime, making everyone’s life easier, it earns good money for sure as it has all bid and small businessmen involved.

4)     Window Nation– If you are someone from the Sales and marketing, then this app is for you. It can fulfill from small to big client requirements of changing doors, windows sliding etc. It can work on multiple projects involving good money, allowing this app to earn well.

5)     MyCollege Connect– Education being one the major industries allow this app (designed for iPhone) to be one of the highly grossing apps as it involves students and faculties to communicate every college-related information with each other rather than creating groups on other apps.

6)     App for association(The Right Mix)– A Convention Nonprofit is an app that allows all the distributors to seek new beverages along with a new business partner. Schedule builders, Event listing, Directory, and voting being some of its amazing features help it earn more than other apps.

7)     GWU Elliot 360– More or less like MyCollege Connect app, this app is specially developed for EWU Elliot School of International affairs. It is developed for both IOS and Android. It allows users to access all social media websites along with job portals thus making it one of the major earning apps. 

8)     Pregnancy care app– For all the expecting couples and for all of them who are planning a child, this app is definitely for you. From having a list of all standard tests to keeping a list of all questions ready in “My list” this app has it all. No doubt it is a good earning app.

9)     Truck spotting– As the name suggests this app allows all the food lovers who love eating at food trucks, to locate nearby food trucks easily thus satiating their hunger and allowing the truck owner to earn well. You can imagine how well this app must be earning.

10)  Winematch Connect– This app allows all the wine consumers to attend the wine events around them and keep a track of their favourite wine. The user can create new profiles and access pictures, prices of wines. They can also place a purchase request. This is for sure a highly earning app.