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Here’s How Change In Lifestyle Can Help Have A Healthy Day

Staying in good shape is perhaps the ultimate goal of each one of us, but it sure doesn’t seem like an easy target. After all, embarking on making the

Staying in good shape is perhaps the ultimate goal of each one of us, but it sure doesn’t seem like an easy target. After all, embarking on making the necessary alterations in one’s way of living does feel encouraging and overwhelming, all at once!

It’s difficult to know where to start.  

Well, the answer to this no. When it comes to the point where you need to start inculcating brand new habits concerning your health and following them stringently, there are heaps of little things which you can do to make a huge difference down the line. Besides, these won’t make you go all nuts during the process.

Now, we understand that with less sunshine and the weather being too cold, winter comes as a shock to your system making the month feel way too long. In that case, rather than making changes to your lifestyle with a big makeover, opt for practical ways and see real-time results.

In this article, we’ve revealed some of our tips on overall well-being, diet and exercise in order for you to sail through this chilly month, right into spring!

Consider taking supplements at 7 in the morning

During winters, the sun doesn’t shine that bright since it’s a bit too foggy, meaning the source of vitamin D is reduced. When such is the case, it also impacts the absorption of other vital vitamins like calcium, vitamin A and iron.

In order for you to make sure that the intake of these essential vitamins is constant even in the winter month, you can consider taking certain supplements, as they back the general functioning of your immune system. These are available in an array of handy products, from once-a-day drinks to chewable tablets, that are appropriate for your busy schedules.

Beat them SAD feelings at 9 in the morning

As per several studies conducted by the NHS, 1 in 15 people in the UK suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder); women being more likely to experience its symptoms as compared to men.

This disorder, universally known as ‘winter depression’, is caused due to poorer levels of sunlight. Going out as much as possible during the day and making use of a light box on the office desk are two of the common ways used by the majority of people suffering from this disorder.

Chomp on a plate/bowl of veggies at 1 in the afternoon

When it comes to staying on top form and backing up your immune system, NHS states that consuming ‘five-a-day’ can help fight those severe illnesses like cancer, strokes and heart diseases.

Keeping this mind, make certain that you’re eating loads of milk, fish, cheese and eggs, fibre-rich spinach, kale and cabbage, and red meat that’s rich in vitamin B12.

Workout indoors at 7 in the evening

Along with eating food that’s healthy, it’s imperative to ensure that you’re also being physically active since it has a major role to play in helping you keep your immune system up and running.

Here, all that you need to do is, prepare a set regime that goes hand-in-hand with your way of living. If you want, you can seek professional help from a personal trainer Liverpool street to plan it all out.

Now, it isn’t necessary for you to pound the pavement when it’s freezing outside; simply join a gym or workout within the comforts of your house itself. You could even sign up for dance or yoga classes, take up aerobics or boxing, or go swimming at night.

The key here is to be as flexible as possible, especially when it comes to timings – if stepping out of your house at nights is not your thing, perhaps opt for a gym session in the afternoon.

Make sure you’re putting that sauna or steam room to use after your sessions, as that’s the best way to alleviate stress and loosen up those tense muscles – high temperatures are the best to give your body the much-needed detox.

Go to bed at 11 in the night

During chilly winter mornings, getting out of that comfy bed is the last thing you’d ever want. No matter how much you feel like curling up under those warm blankets, know that sleeping too much will only make you more lethargic.

So, strictly follow a healthy routine and workout on a regular basis, as that’ll give you the necessary boost to battle your morning tiredness. Keep in mind, even getting some sunlight and fresh air works wonders in lifting up your mood. Do not let those sugary or stodgy foods tempt you and disturb your sleep cycle.

Now that you know how to go on about making the necessary changes in your lifestyle, start implementing them and lead a healthy life!