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How Long The PMP Certification Is Valid For?

What is the PMP Certification Course? The Project Management Professional (PMP) is an industry-renowned credential for project managers that enable th

What is the PMP Certification Course?

The Project Management Professional (PMP) is an industry-renowned credential for project managers that enable them to work in practically any area of expertise. Project Management Professional training gives a significant edge to managers in terms of salary and job potential. Even employers seek PMP-certified managers to complete organizational goals on time and within budget.

How to keep your PMP certification valid?

For aspiring managers, earning Project Management Certification does not end with clearing the exam; in fact, it is just the beginning. As soon as you obtain PMP credential, you have to work towards maintaining a valid certification status with the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) cycle. Your first CCR cycle starts the day you clear the exam. The duration of each certification cycle is three years and once you complete one cycle, another three-year cycle starts. Therefore, you must renew your credential one day ahead of the third year of clearing the exam.

During the three-year cycle, you have to obtain 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) to keep your certification valid at the completion of the cycle. However, if you fail to obtain the required PDUs, your credential will be suspended for 1 year, following which it will be revoked. The new renewal cycle begins at the end the last CCR cycle, regardless of the fact whether your credential is valid or suspended.

Earning and Maintaining Project Management Certification

The global market has witnessed changes in the manner PMP certificate is earned and retained. PMP training and CCR program offered by Koenig is designed to facilitate professional growth and development of managers. The evolution in business environment prompted changes in the PMP program to suit the desired needs of employers. Today, organisations need project experts who possess managerial and business intelligence skills. The most sought after skills set comprising the PMP triangle is a blend of technological, managerial, and strategic and industry management expertise.

Here is an overview of the essential skills that managers should possess:

1. Technological skills:

More than two-third of companies assert that they hardly come across technically skilled managers. Employers look for technological skills related to various domains of the project when they seek project management professionals.

2. Managerial skills:

Expertise and behaviour specific to management such as motivation, communication, negotiation, problem-solving, and conflict resolution, etc. can help an organization accomplish its business goals. The majority of companies consider these managerial skills as crucial for efficient navigation of projects and for the continued success of managers.

3. Strategic and Industry Management skills:

Skills such as product knowledge, business acumen, designing market strategy, advanced strategy configuration, customer policy configuration, marketing, finance, etc. can enhance performance and help in delivering business outcomes. Project managers must understand organization’s strategy in order to attain high project success rate.

How to obtain the required PDUs?

Mainly, there are two categories under which you can obtain the required PDUs. These are:

1. Education

2. Give Back to Profession.

Let us learn more about these categories and their sub-categories:

1. Education PDUs:

You require a maximum of 35 PDUs under the Education category to maintain your Project Management Certification. The PDUs obtained under this category are related to the PMP triangle. There is a particular quantity of PDUs that you need to earn under each vertex of the triangle explained as below:

Technological skills – At least 8 PDUs need to be scored

Managerial skills – At least 8 PDUs need to be scored

Strategic and Industry Management skills – At least 8 PDUs need to be scored

Once you have achieved the minimum score under each section, you can earn the rest of PDUs under any of the sections.

2. Give Back to profession PDUs:

You need to score a maximum of 25 PDUs under this category. This category is further divided into the following sub-categories – Creating Knowledge, Volunteering, and Working Professional. At least 8 PDUs must be scored under the latter sub-category and the remaining PDUs can be scored in the former two sub-categories i.e. Creating Knowledge and Volunteering.

Besides this format, you can claim PDUs by taking a course from Project Management Professional training partners like Koenig, or your company. You may attend educational activities offered by training partners or participate in independent learning activities to create project management knowledge. You can record your PDU activities using the CCR online system that enables you to seek activities that grant PDUs and to check records to verify if your PDUs have been added. Although you can record PDUs with the online method, you can download the PDU form available online, fill it, and mail electronic copies of the same to your PMP training centre. You must record PDUs after completing each activity and send the PDU Form. In this way, you can keep track of PDUs scored and can keep your certification valid by earning the required PDUs before the CCR cycle ends.

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