Where to Find the Best & Cheap Cloud Hosting Provider in India

Most of the organizations are moving to the cloud from the shared hosting because of its flexibility and affordability. This has created such a deman

Most of the organizations are moving to the cloud from the shared hosting because of its flexibility and affordability. This has created such a demand and resulted in the mushrooming of cloud service providers. If you still have not migrated to the cloud, you must seriously consider it. Before you start looking out for the best cloud hosting providers in India you must understand what exactly cloud is and how it will benefit your business.

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud is a network of machines that act as one single system and is based on the virtualization technology. The resources are pooled from the various machines and the users get access to the resources via the internet.

While the shared and dedicated server hosting relies on a single physical server, the cloud assures of better reliability and availability by delivering resources from multiple servers. It is an automated service where in case one server goes down, the resources are made available from the other machines in the network. 

It is possible to get the best and cheap cloud hosting provider in India when you choose cloud platforms which are equipped with SSD storage and the most recent multi-core processors. These will provide load balancing features and webpage caching tools for improving site performance.

  • When you find the best & cheap cloud hosting provider in India, you can enjoy many advantages, one of the most important being stability. Since the cloud is a network comprising of many servers interconnected through a network, there is no one point of failure. Even if a single server crashes, the workload will be redirected to another standby server, so that your site performance is not affected at all.
  • Another obvious advantage of choosing cheap cloud hosting plans is that you get to enjoy cost savings. In traditional web hosting you will need to spend money on leasing the server and then paying for maintenance. In the cloud, you neither have to bear capital costs; nor do you have to pay to hire and maintain staff to monitor the servers. You only pay for what the business needs and nothing extra.
  • Since cloud servers are highly scalable you will not need to worry about acquiring additional resources when there is a need for them. When the business is experiencing rapid growth, you can always add more servers. You can even upgrade the memory and disk space to overcome limitations of a single server as in traditional web hosting. So, the business will never need to look for a new provider when you can get the best and cheap cloud hosting provider in India.
  • The chances of downtimes can also be reduced when you have been able to identify a reliable cloud hosting provider. In web hosting, you are completely dependent on the hosting provider to resolve any issues which may crop us in the server functioning. But, in cloud hosting, there is no single point of failure and the sites may be up and running at all times. There will also not be any limitations on bandwidth which is a common problem with traditional web hosting.
  • With the best cloud service provider, you can also get more customization options. This will be true of storage, bandwidth, and CPU cores and even operating systems.
  • The website speed is greatly enhanced when you find the best and cheap cloud hosting provider in India. When your site gets access to multiple servers it can get responses from servers which are geographically closer to it. This can greatly improve page loading speeds for your site and enhance user experience.
  • Finally, with cloud hosting you no longer have to worry about data getting misplaced or lost because of hardware crashes and failures. Cloud hosting can keep your site running with data which has been backed up.

Be clear about your requirements:

It is only when you are clear about your objectives will you be able to convey what exactly your business needs are. The best cloud hosting providers in India will justify why their services must be considered, how it will benefit your business, and what they are committing to in the SLAs. Of course, every hosting provider will guarantee uptime and support.

What you should expect from the best cloud hosting providers in India?

Performance: As mentioned, cloud assures of near to 99.99% network uptime. The best providers use tools like CDNs, load balancers to make sure the servers perform to their best and fast.

Scalability: This perhaps is one of the biggest advantages of the cloud. Your website will never be overloaded with traffic pressure since you can scale your resources with a couple of clicks. You can reduce the capacity once the traffic rush subsides.

Affordable: The best service providers are transparent about their costs. Cloud services are payable on consumption. You pay for what you consume.