7 Ways an Event Planner Can Add Colour to Your Wedding Day

On the wedding day, every bride and groom deserve to feel like a celebrity. That memorable walk down the aisle should be the most beautiful and emoti

On the wedding day, every bride and groom deserve to feel like a celebrity. That memorable walk down the aisle should be the most beautiful and emotional part of their wedding day, where they are just enjoying the most beautiful moments of their life with their loved ones instead of being worried about taking care of stuff.

For the people who don’t know where to start, and looking at all the planning and things to take care of is overwhelming. Hiring a wedding planner takes away the stress of organizing each step for your big day and getting the help of a professional will lift a huge weight off your shoulders allowing you to enjoy your big day.

This allows experts to make this wedding day a momentous one. Last week, I happened to be the bridesmaid for one of my friend’s wedding day. I was stunned by every arrangement that was done, from the sitting area to aisle and decoration planned by the OGS Group. This is the reason why I insist my fellows to use an event planner to make the wedding day, a day to remember.

Let me tell you why event planners are important and how they can help you make your big day historical.

  1. Budget Friendly

The most important reason to hire a professional event planner is they can decorate your big day like a Hollywood star in proposed budget. Many people think wedding planners are expensive and it will cost them extra, believe me, they don’t. Event planners are called experts because they have the experience to calculate how much of your money should be used for what. I would suggest meeting any event planner before your wedding, tell them your budget and what you want on your big day and rest leave on their experience.

2. Save Time

You already have enough tasks to do before the wedding day. This is where you need the event planner to complete all the big day’s task on time. Event planners know best about the wedding trends and they could also help you choose the best of the best from accessories and dresses. They are the best people to rely on in helping you choose every little thing, from the right flowers to the food. 

They know the best venues and dates when things are likely to be cheaper in the year. Event planners have strong business relations with caterers and suppliers, venue owners, dress designers, florists and many more and they can bring huge price deductions through their business relation for you.

3. Vendor Discounts

Mostly such discounts aren’t mentioned on paper. Event planners provide you with much discounted offers if you call their lightning or catering guy. And if you don’t like what he has brought, they won’t charge you extra and fill in the best products you need without any extra cost. Because they are in the repeat business while couples are not. Believe me, no event planner will ever recommend you someone bad.

4. A Wedding Planner Come Up With Just The Right Concept

I would say this is the best part about hiring the event planner. When you are dealing with an event planner, it is usually a two-way conversation. Means, you are telling them what you need and they are answering you with their experience about the ongoing trends and what would be best for you. Together you can come out with creative ideas and how much one will control the wedding plans. The main advantage of hiring an event planner for your big day is they are familiar with each little step of the wedding ceremony and they can execute the best result on your wedding day. A good event planner should be able to work on your perfect wedding concept. 

5. Smooth Sailing

When the big day arrives, your hired event planner will be keeping an eye on deliveries. They will be making sure that everyone is familiar with the schedule of the day. Your event planner will be pretty busy on triple checking speakers and if the microphones are working properly. They will be in contact with catering making sure everyone is enjoying pleasant food of the day. Their role on your wedding day will be invincibly fulfilling every requirement behind the scenes.

6. Enjoy the Day

Now the big day has arrived. It’s time for you to relax and get married. Consider your planner as a safety net on your big day. If anything goes wrong (that usually happen in any wedding ceremony) your event planner will be there to make things well and you won’t have to bear the stress for it.

On your big day, you should just focus on soaking up every beautiful moment of your special day. Hiring experts make sure that you spend quality time with your loved ones and stop thinking about when the cake will arrive or why flowers are missing on the spot. Just trust your planner, after all these moments are going to be the blessed ones of your life.

7. Cleanup after Party

After all is said and done, there is going to be a huge cleaning up and luckily your event planner is an expert to deal with this as well. You should enjoy your day peacefully as they can do final sweeps to ensure that no one has left anything behind the venue, but if anyone has, they will surely let you know if it happens. At the end of the day you can start your car, hold your partner’s hand and enjoy the evening and let the event planner deal with the mess left. Believe me it’s a big sigh of relief.

Ready to Hire an Event Planner? 

My answer is; you should. Hiring an event planner means you are putting investment in yourself and your lifelong partner. If you are going to do everything all by yourself, believe me you will be all messed up and end up not enjoying the most beautiful event of your life..

Why would you ruin this remarkable day when you can hire experts to take care of it all in your budget?

Once you have hired a good event planner, you can peacefully focus on the other parts of the wedding.