How to Boost Your Cybersecurity Expertise With a CISSP Masterclass

Even with a fair amount of practical work experience in cybersecurity, passing the CISSP exam can be difficult. The exam is no longer given as a line

Even with a fair amount of practical work experience in cybersecurity, passing the CISSP exam can be difficult. The exam is no longer given as a linear, traditional test. ISC2 has introduced a Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT) format, making the test more challenging. This way of testing is a more precise and accurate way of evaluating a candidate’s level of competency.

With this in mind, cybersecurity experts who want to boost their credibility within their realms by obtaining CISSP certification will need to use all available resources to ensure they receive a passing grade. CISSP certification training is one of the best ways to improve cybersecurity skills.

What Areas Do the CISSP Exam Cover?

To become CISSP certified, candidates must prove their knowledge and expertise in the 8 CISSP Common Body of Knowledge domains. These 8 topics are vast, and it could be almost impossible to be an expert in all aspects of each. Listed below are the areas of your knowledge that will be evaluated:

  • Asset security 
  • Security operations 
  • Security and risk management 
  • Software development security 
  • Security assessment and testing 
  • Identity and access management 
  • Communication and network security 
  • Security architecture and engineering 

To be eligible for the CISSP exam, you’ll already have to have proven five years of work-related experience in two of the 8 domains. This could mean you don’t have much experience in the other areas you’ll be tested on. This stresses the importance of being properly prepared before the day of your exam. This isn’t a test to go into blindly and requires preparation.

What Is a CISSP Masterclass and How Can It Help?

A CISSP masterclass is an important part of preparing for the CISSP exam. When used with traditional study methods, candidates will increase their likelihood of passing this challenging exam. CISSP masterclasses can quickly pinpoint a candidate’s weaknesses so they’re more informed about areas needing improvement. Most CISSP masterclasses include:

  • Digital flashcards on topics within the exam
  • Videos explain various aspects of the 8 domains of CISSP
  • References and study guides
  • Sample tests that provide detailed answers and explanations
  • Live 1-on-1 video chats with CISSP experts
  • Knowledge assessments
  • Personalized study guides

The CISSP exam is algorithm-based, known as Computerized Adaptive Testing, or CAT for short. Based on your answers, the algorithm will select questions that will test your weaknesses, making the exam more challenging. The more correct answers you give, the more difficult the questions will be. With Computerized Adaptive Testing, many of the questions you’ll get will be based on where your weaknesses lay.

To obtain a passing grade, it’s key to know your weaknesses before you take the test; this is where CISSP masterclasses can help. Most are designed to signal where your knowledge is lacking, and they’ll work on those areas.

The video lessons and online support a CISSP masterclass provides are integral to being best prepared for everything the CISSP exam will throw at you. Boosting your cybersecurity expertise while acknowledging and improving your weaknesses are the strong points of CISSP masterclasses.

What Happens If You Fail the CISSP?

Unfortunately, even the best-prepared candidate can fail the CISSP exam on their first try. This could be due to test anxiety or other unforeseeable events. The test is certainly challenging.

Fortunately, those who didn’t receive a passing grade aren’t limited to taking the exam again. However, ISC2 has a policy regarding candidates that did not receive an acceptable passing grade. Those who haven’t passed the CISSP on the first try can reschedule the exam 30 days later. If they don’t pass the second time, retesting can occur 90 days later, and if they fail this exam a third time, they’ll have to wait an additional 180 days before retesting.

CISSP Masterclass: Final Words

Passing the CISSP exam requires knowledge and expertise in many different cybersecurity areas. It’s known to be challenging, and since this algorithm-based exam will focus on a candidate’s weaknesses, being prepared is key to obtaining a passing grade.

CISSP masterclasses are an excellent way to boost your cybersecurity expertise while pointing out where your weaknesses are. Using digital flashcards, video chat mentoring, and practice exams, masterclasses are a smart way to improve your skills and knowledge, giving you a greater chance at obtaining CISSP certification.