Why is Redgum firewood the best for your fireplace?

Nothing can beat the comfort and warmth your fireplace can provide in bone-chilling winter. However, imagine you have just started feeling the heat an

Nothing can beat the comfort and warmth your fireplace can provide in bone-chilling winter. However, imagine you have just started feeling the heat and within one hour you are left with ash in your fireplace. So, you should equip your fireplace with high-quality, well-seasoned and long-lasting firewood. Redgum firewood is one such firewood you can buy in Sidney. This best firewood option is also known as ‘river red gum’. Some people also write it as red gum. This Redgum in Sydney comes from the Eucalyptus camaldulensis tree. Redgum has always been an excellent source of fuel and timber in Australia.

This firewood is known for its light to deep reddish hue. Redgum is best known for its excellent grain, heft and density. This will provide you with distinctive warmth and musky aroma. Due to its compact and dense nature, redgum burns hotter and longer. It is excellent for gentle and stoking slow fire.

Softer and lighter woods blaze brightly. However, these woods burn fairly quickly with very sizeable flames. However, redgum burns slowly and gently and also lasts longer. You will have to use less redgum firewood. You need not to feed too much of redgum firewood to keep it going.                         

What are the features of redgum firewood?    

  • It burns way hotter than cheap firewood.
  • It is also ideal for grilling and cooking.  
  • This firewood produces aromatic smoke.  
  • Redgum is dense, durable and versatile hardwood which is very common in Australia. This hardwood is widely used for decking, flooring, making furniture and in construction work. Redgum is also an excellent firewood. No other firewood is as finer as forest redgum.       

Available heat

Available heat is one of the factors used to grade firewood. It is the amount of heat the firewood produces while burning. The heat content of firewood is measured as the percent of dry wood. The heat content of wood is calculated by dividing the density or dry weight of the wood by 11.2. The calculated value close to 100 indicates that the heat content is high. As it is hardwood, it emits more energy. However, due to volatile oils, some softwoods can have high heat output.                   


The density of firewood is dry weight per unit volume measured in kg/m3 (kilograms per cubic meter). Due to more heat per volume, denser and heavier wood burns longer. The density of unseasoned redgum is 1200 kg/m3 and seasoned redgum is 1000 kg/m3. The density of unseasoned Radiata Pine is 800 kg/m3 and seasoned Radiata Pine is 550 kg/m3. Due to low density, softwood burns faster than hardwood. Hardwood burns longer, slower and more steadily and gives off more heat.                 


Wood with straight grains is easy to split.  Wood with tighter grains is hard to split. It is not easy to split wood with a lot of knots. Green unseasoned wood is difficult to split. Oaks, conifers, hard maple and ash are the woods that are very easy to split. Gum, elm and sycamore are very difficult to split. Forest red gum seasoned for 1-2 years is also very easy to split.


How easily the wood is lit or ignited is an important factor one should consider while buying firewood. As compared to high-density woods, softwoods are very easy to ignite. Since softwood burns very quickly, you will have to stoke the fireplace or stove more often. Wood with a lot of resin or sap is also very easy to ignite. Sap in the firewood serves the purpose of fuel. Dry and well-seasoned wood is also very easy to light.

If you check Redgum firewood prices in Sydney, it is also very affordable. So, you might consider buying Redgum firewood wholesale. Make sure that it is well-seasoned firewood.