How to Increase Your Home’s Value

Planning to sell the house in the foreseeable future? One thing that you should know is that its market value is not something that you cannot influen

Planning to sell the house in the foreseeable future? One thing that you should know is that its market value is not something that you cannot influence. In fact, a little sprucing up before you call the realtors to make an estimate can raise the value of your property by thousands of dollars. The fixes we are referring to are not major repairs but rather small-scale interventions in the right place that will knock potential buyers off their feet. They will immediately fall in love with your home, resulting in a mutually satisfying agreement.

A clean bathroom

You would be amazed at how cleanliness influences human judgment. In some cases, a thorough scrub is more than necessary to increase the value of a certain property. Apart from cleaning the bathroom tiles and replacing caulk, you can put in new, shiny fixtures and replace little things, like towels. If the mirror has damage around the edges, you can replace it, polish it, and add some ambient LED strip lights. Essentially, the bathroom should look as clean as possible, allowing for its natural white color to really shine.

Lighten up the space

In Brisbane alone, there are 261 sunny days on average every year. This means a lot of light that you can use to your advantage if you do something as simple as open the curtains. The windows should be large in size and if the bathroom doesn’t have a window, you can look into the possibility of making one. Furthermore, light sources at night need to be strong enough to illuminate the entire house and provide a warm coloured light that suits human eyesight. To sum up, the inside needs to be well-lit in order for prospective customers to see everything because a dim, somber atmosphere is a huge turn-off.

Building a patio

If you have been using your backyard as an open space storage unit that is full of junk, then it is no wonder you don’t want the buyers to leave the house. However, there is one trick on how you can make your yard appear sophisticated. Throw out all the rubbish and build a patio to create a comfortable seating area protected from the elements. The sun can be scorching in places like Australia, so patio builders in Brisbane usually have their hands full and no wonder. Who wouldn’t want to step outside the house on a hot summer day to enjoy the sun from the shade?

Sprucing up the kitchen

One of the rooms that new owners will spend the most time in, especially if they are a large family, is the kitchen. That is why they will stay the longest inside it and look into every nook and cranny. Sprucing up the kitchen is the most complicated task, as replacing the cabinets is extremely expensive. What you can do is add an LED strip (perhaps leftovers from the bathroom) under the cabinets to illuminate the countertop. Furthermore, you stick a new layer of foil over the surface of the cabinets to make them appear new.

Energy efficiency

Even you don’t care about energy efficiency; it is more than probable that the new owners will. That is why they would appreciate seeing some energy-efficiency solutions already installed. These do not cost a lot but they create a highly positive image in people’s minds. Start by replacing old incandescent light bulbs with LED ones that use significantly less energy to operate and they help protect the environment. Also, Australian real estate buyers will be pleased to see a huge ceiling fan instead of an AC unit in each room.

We hope that by now you realize how little it takes to increase the value of your home. A pre-sale investment of a couple of hundred dollars could mean thousands more in your bank account after the sale is made.


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