What Industries Use HR And CR Rolled Sheets And How?

Hot Rolled Sheets Hot rolled sheets are available in different width and thickness. These sheets are manufactured in mills under a very high temperat

Hot Rolled Sheets

Hot rolled sheets are available in different width and thickness. These sheets are manufactured in mills under a very high temperature. This is done at such a high temperature so that they can be shaped and formed and the sizes can be varied. The cost of manufacturing HR sheet is much less than that of cold rolled steel because it does not need as much processing as the cold rolled steel. Once the sheets cool down, it shrinks a bit and you cannot control the size and shape of the finished product. These are available in different variants differentiated on the basis of metallurgical composition, length, size and different finished choices as preferred by the consumers. 

The HR sheet is mostly used in places where precision and smooth finish are not required, like in welding and construction industries. It can also be used in making pipes, construction of bicycles, automobiles, ships, frames, truck wheels, body parts of different vehicles, different kinds of engineering and military equipments, raw material for cold rolled mills, as a raw material for silicon sheet mill, in manufacturing pipe in a wide variety of width and thickness, and also as raw material for manufacturing better value added steel products. 

Cold Rolled Sheets

Cold rolled sheets are a better form of hot rolled sheets. After the completion of the process of making hot rolled sheets, they are taking too cold reduction mills to be further processed. In these mills, the sheets are cooled down at room temperature. This process helps in producing and providing better dimensions to the finished product, with smooth surface and rounded edges. It is way more softer than hot rolled sheet. These are used in places where precision and beauty is the key concern. The cold rolled sheets are in high demand in the market. These are in demand because of their fantastic finish quality and the performance they provide in applications they are used in. The cold rolled sheets are developed with the help of latest technology machines. You can buy them in different sizes and dimensions from any steel trading company. The companies even customise the features as per the needs of the customers. 

Some of the cold rolled sheets are also made available in ‘D’, ‘DD’, ‘EDD’ and others Stamping qualities which are beneficial for usage in some specific industry sectors like cycle manufacturing, automobile, stampings and also in white goods industries. The process of cold rolling of already hot rolled sheets gives the chance of improving the physical properties of steel, like increasing the tensile strength and even sometimes reducing the thickness so that they can fit in required gauges. Some of the basic features of these sheets are that they have superior formability, excellent quality of surface and high tolerance capability. 

The cold rolled sheets are widely used in precision tubes, for making containers, bicycles, furniture, manufacturing car body panels in automobile industry. When this cold roll sheets are further processed they can be altered in colour, texture, coating, galvanizing and tinning. There are many other cold rolled products available such as galvanized sheets and tin plates.

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