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5 simple ways to optimize and update your website content

Search engines are used by everyone to find products and companies these days. Around 60% of the total consumers use Google search to find services, a

Search engines are used by everyone to find products and companies these days. Around 60% of the total consumers use Google search to find services, and over 80% of online searches end up in direct sales or in-store visits. Optimization of your app is essential so that you show up on the top of these search results.

Google’s search algorithm is evolving every day as they attempt to provide the best results for their users, and, of course, earn as much money as possible in advertising. Your website has to keep up with the fierce competition. Once you have decided to optimize your site, you can’t just hire an SEO expert and forget about it for years. If you don’t keep a regular check on it, your results will start diminishing.

Keeping it in mind, you should be doing these following things on a regularly to continually optimize your website, and stay ahead of the search curve.

  • Keyword Research

SEO always begins with keyword research. You must have a proper understanding of the current search landscape and your chosen keywords. This is not only required during the beginning of marketing strategy, but you need to keep re-doing it time to time for proper evaluation. The numbers will keep on changing and you need to keep yourself updated.

Try using Google Keyword Planner to address this issue. The prime focus will be on your industry and location. The planner gives you a wide range of search terms, how much they are in use, and what is the present competition over these keywords.

Now, your duty is to find as many relevant keywords to your business which have low competition but high search ratio. Once done identifying, note them down. Any slight variation to your keyword may harm your optimization.

  • Create Great Content with Keywords in Mind

Fresh original content acts as duct tape to your marketing approach. Post content regularly so that your site shows up on more search results. While creating content, you should always keep your selected keywords in mind. They are what will help in the optimization of the content. The main focus of your content must be reaching the people who are looking for content related to yours.

Use your keywords as the springboard for content ideas. You can try working out your keywords in your post as often but as naturally possible.

  • Speed it up

Slow running websites are nowadays being penalized by Google. Thus it has become very important that your pages load fast enough every time someone visits it. You should consider using Google speed Insights which will not only tell if your page is loading slow but will also provide you valuable suggestions to make it better.

It’s very crucial that you do this on a regular basis and keep a track of those suggestions and try applying them as well. No one wants to pay a penalty for a slow loading page when they don’t know the reason behind it.

  • Use Landing Pages

It is very important that each of your landing pages keep your keywords in mind. While creating a landing page for a new product or promotion, we would suggest using a keyword that is most relevant to your individual product into the title and body copy of the webpage.

If there are more than one keywords you think to apply to this promotion or commodity, testing multiple landing pages with each page focused on one keyword must be done. Doing this too often will slow your website down, so be cautious while deleting the underperforming landing pages.

²  Update Your Page Titles

What does the page title of your page comprise of? Almost all business owners have their page titles as simply the name of their business. This is apt if your business name is perfectly optimized, but most of them aren’t (the best search names generally follow the City + Service format, like London City Auto Body for example.)

Keep changing your page titles to include your #1 keyword in them. This can be something as naive as “Your business name + Top Keyword” but you can get creative for better outcomes. Try incorporating a slogan that will include the keyword.


These five tips will make sure that your website is consistently delivering you optimal results. Don’t forget to evaluate those results and find what works and what doesn’t.

Again, this is not a complete list by any means. SEO is an immensely deep and ever-evolving strategy planning, but there are tons of great resources to help you out along the way.