Types of Clamps for Pipes: A Detailed Guide

Most of us treat the different types of clamps for pipes as a rather unimportant piece of equipment but what we fail to understand is that the pipe su

Most of us treat the different types of clamps for pipes as a rather unimportant piece of equipment but what we fail to understand is that the pipe support clamp plays crucial roles in holding the lines in place. The lack of pipe support clamps will result in catastrophic failure as the plumbing will break without the support of different types of clamps for pipes. This is why it is essential to know that clamps do play a critical part in the internal building construction or plumbing systems. 

There are various types of clamps for pipes that do many functions like fixing and stabilizing the plumpings. Be it fastening the pipes or segments in ground or fastening them in a suspended position, the types of clamps for pipes have wonderfully taken the role of ropes and chains and have simplified and secured the process of fastening the pipes and keeping them in place. The different types of clamps are used in different situations according to type of support the pipe clamps are supposed to extend. In this blog we bring you a list of different types of clamps for pipes and their features and usages. 

While most of the pipe types we see and plumbing pipes we come across are used in cavities like basement walkaways and ceiling areas. The duty of these pipelines is to take care of the plumbing requirements without interfering with the paths and places people tend to mostly work with. The pipe clamps are used to extend a support to these pipelines on their respective places, be it walls or grounds. However the securing can’t be done with just one or two pipe clamps. Multiple clamps need to be secured along the pipeline to avoid wiggling and juggling of the pipelines. 

Though the function of these types of clamps for pipes may sound simple, they have huge responsibilities of keeping the liquids and gases that move inside the pipelines contained in the pipelines itself. Without these clamps, the fluids and gases inside the pipelines will come out and can result in many dangerous outcomes. Below mentioned are some most common and popular types of clamps for pipes that are used in plumbing. 

  • Standard Pipe Clamps

These are the most basic type of pipe clamps used for fastening which basically consists of two parts that are held together with the help of screws. These come in various shapes and sizes and can be used on both plastic and metal pipes. 

  • U-Bolt Pipe Clamps

The u bolt pipe clamps are made using metals that are bent to form a u shape and are secured with a plate that keeps the clamp connected to both the ends. These heavy duty pipe clamps are mostly used in applications which need stronger elements. 

  • Saddle Pipe Clamps

The saddle pipe clamps are employed in places where only one side of application needs to be fitted with the pipeline. These can be used for both ceilings and walls or even suspended places. 

The pipe clamps play an important role in keeping the overall building safe so it is very important to address them with the same importance.