TOP 5 countries in the EU to get Residence by investment

The borders between Schengen Union countries have been erased for 38 years, figuratively speaking. It is an additional advantage for the population b

The borders between Schengen Union countries have been erased for 38 years, figuratively speaking. It is an additional advantage for the population because people can move around without restrictions. However, residents of other areas have no such access. To travel around Schengen without a permit stamp, you need to obtain the right of residence in one of the states of this zone. However, this problem is solvable. The authorities offer several options, one of which involves investment.

Understanding European Residency by Investment

The residency status can be the first step to living in the chosen state. It also provides the possibility of free movement in the member states of the agreement.

Benefits of EU Residency

A foreigner with residence status can travel to 27 countries without restriction and safely move to one of them. In addition, the investment residency gives him at least 5 privileges:

  • an educational system at the international level;
  • health insurance and quality service regardless of nationality;
  • financial security and access to goods and services outside the country of residence;
  • low taxes;
  • access to formal employment.

After a temporary residence for the number of years specified in the legislation of the European country, you can apply for permanent residence and then citizenship. 

Top 5 EU Countries for Residence by Investment

Many people from post-Soviet regions dream to get to Europe not only as tourists. It is not surprising because, due to this approach, the monotony is replaced by diversity, and additional opportunities appear. It is important to determine the place. Here is a list of five countries with the best eu residence permit, worthy of attention.

Malta EU residency permit

Many people consider the island as a source to get international education, free medicine, and the ability to cross borders freely. Others are looking for even more benefits. It is worth noting that it is the right tactic, according to Zlata Erlach (agency Immigrant Invest). Status registration takes only 3 months and involves paying from 9,500 euros per year for rent or 275 thousand for real estate purchases. In addition, there are also extra fees. 

Greece RP

It is possible to formalize a political-legal attachment in Greece in a territory surrounded by seven seas in a few simple steps. To do this, you need to contact an immigration company to prepare documents correctly, make a real estate deposit, or buy bonds for a certain amount. There is an option to put money on deposit in a Greek bank. After applying, you can immediately move to a country with a pleasant Mediterranean climate without waiting for a stamp.

Austria Residency

Austria offers quality international education, free health care, and excellent prospects for the future to cosmopolitans. It has a high standard of living and a low crime rate. The country attracts by its economic and political stability and the minimum investment amount – from 100 thousand euros. The main limitation in terms of requirements is the presence of financial independence and proof of your permanent income – from 7000 euros per month.

Spain Residence Permit

One of the easiest ways to get citizenship is to obtain it in Spain. Although it is allowed after 10 years, it does not assume any difficulties. All you need to do is to make a timely deposit of 500 thousand euros and renew the visa every five years. You can visit neighboring countries, enjoy the fragrant nature and mild climate, work and open a business. Unfortunately, if you want a passport, you must relinquish the previous one (native).

Switzerland RP

The requirements are roughly similar to those in Austria, where the european residence permit can be obtained within six months and citizenship after 12 years. You do not have to contribute to real estate or the economy. It is enough to pay a fee and prove your financial security. At the same time, neither you nor your family members must not officially work in Switzerland, and it is forbidden by law. Despite this, for many people, the state of 26 cantons is attractive due to its stability and high standard of living.

Essential Considerations Before Making an Investment

Before investing to get the best residence permit in Europe, you should consider the following important points:

  • the amount – some residences require a significant investment, e.g., from €500,000 and above;
  • study the conditions in different countries to see which type of investment is most suitable for you;
  • there may be additional costs such as legal fees, translation of documents, travel abroad, etc.

Keeping all these factors in mind, you need to study all aspects and advantages carefully to make the right choice and avoid potential problems in the future.


So, before you settle in one of the presented territories or choose at your discretion, it is recommended to contact the immigration experts and protect yourself from unnecessary worries about knowing the laws of a particular state, the waiting time, and other nuances associated with the registration of permits. Most territories provide permits to investors only through authorized companies.

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