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Handleless Kitchens Styles In 2021 – The Endless Possibilities

Handleless kitchens have set the standard for contemporary kitchen design in 2021. A personal favourite of mine, these kitchens boast timeless aesthet

Handleless kitchens have set the standard for contemporary kitchen design in 2021. A personal favourite of mine, these kitchens boast timeless aesthetics paired with snag free-living, perfect for the family home. Carefully designed to meet the fast-paced needs of life, it’s a modern kitchens design trend that’s here with us for the long run. 

Over the past year, we have seen the popularity of handless kitchens grow well beyond anyone’s expectations. In just one year there has been a 24.14% increase in online search for handleless kitchens. If this popularity continues to grow, handleless kitchens will become the norm for all kitchen units here within the United Kingdom. 

What Is A True Handleless Kitchen? 

The term “true handleless kitchen” is extremely vague, for example, a rustic kitchen with oak counters can fall in the handleless kitchen category whilst at the same time, a kitchen with full white athletics and marble counters can be labelled the same. In its simplest form, true handleless kitchens use short and undersized units which recede into the unit to create a handle-free living space.

Why Is There Confusion around Handleless Kitchens? 

Handleless kitchens are extremely popular at this moment in time, therefore, designers around the country are claiming kitchen designs to be handless when in fact they are far from. This has created a huge amount of confusion with the end customer as people are now unsure if the design they are looking at is truly handleless or not. 

From the front door leading your guests into the kitchen to the counters found around the room, every aspect of this space should be completely handleless creating a smooth finish that fits in with the modern world we live in. In this article, we will be taking a deeper dive into the world of true handleless kitchens and showing you endless opportunities out there.

Traditional Shaker Handleless Kitchens

Shaker handleless kitchens offer a unique combination of two of our favourite kitchen designs. Taking the beautiful symmetrical shaker cabinet design and finishing them off with handleless access points, homeowners are now given the best of both worlds. Complementing a traditional home design, the shaker kitchen is perfect for older properties that are looking to addle a sprinkle of the modern world into the mix. 

Minimal Matt Handleless Kitchens

A kitchen design that would fit for a property in the heart of the Hollywood Hills, matt handleless kitchens take the word contemporary to the next level. Finished off with sleek counter designs that are dark in colour but rich in character, it’s a design that will steal the show as a centrepiece of your daily life. A raw style that requires an acquired taste but if you’re feeling adventurous and want something a bit more unique, this is the style for you. 

Stunning Gloss Handleless Kitchens

The gloss handleless kitchen design is ever-growing in popularity. Offering homeowners with a stylish and contemporary design that sparkles in the sunlight, it’s the talking point of any home. Gloss kitchens are bright in colour and bold in attitude, it’s a kitchen design that’s before its time in many ways. Offering kitchen aesthetics that are sure to add to the beauty of your appliances, it’s an option perfect for newer properties.

Sleek Black Handleless Kitchen

What might come across to be a very simple kitchen design option, black handleless kitchens are some of the most complex options out there on the kitchen market. A true work of interior decor art, the dark coloured counters are balanced beautifully with natural lighting and greenery to create something truly magnificent. When done right, the result can be to die for. 

We hope that you have enjoyed our kitchen design trend article and hopefully there has been at least one option in here which has caught your attention. Take this as inspiration and go out and do some research for yourself, we wish you the best of luck in finding your dream kitchen.