5 Times To Use Your Halloween Costume – Outside Halloween!

Halloween only comes once a year. However, that does not mean that your costumes need to sit idle for the rest of the year. Make the most of your cos

Halloween only comes once a year. However, that does not mean that your costumes need to sit idle for the rest of the year. Make the most of your costume by planning for other special events throughout the year. When you go shopping at your favorite Halloween store in Calgary, keep these other uses in mind before picking the perfect costume for year-round fun.

1. Participate in a Charity Event

Halloween costumes are usually for your personal gain at Halloween. However, you can also give back with your costume when you reuse it at a charity event. A lot of charity events can leverage your costume to bring smiles and cheer. Naturally, some costumes are better suited for the task than others. If you are interested in using your costume for charity, then be sure to look for family-friendly options. Large, goofy animals, superheroes and princesses are all really popular choices at a Halloween store in Calgary.

2. Attend a Fan Convention

You can also don your favorite costume when you attend a fan convention. These conventions take place all across the world, and they are designed to celebrate popular television shows, movies and comic books. Therefore, if you invest in something like a Star Wars costume, then you can easily wear it to a Star Wars convention. The same goes for popular shows like Stranger Things or famous characters like Batman or Captain America. Going to a convention gives you the chance to reuse your Halloween costume while celebrating your favorite characters with others.

3. Do an Instagram Photoshoot

If your Halloween costume made you the hit of the party, then you can use it to be the hit of social media as well. Social media platforms like Instagram are all about creatively staging photos to attract others. You can arrange a photoshoot with your costume to achieve this. Maybe you want to showcase how accurate the costume is with a post that features it as cosplay. You could also be a bit cheeky about it. Maybe you want to set up a goofy situation with your costume for a humorous post. The options are really quite endless and can be personalized for your Instagram or other social media account.

4. Plan a Surprise

Imagine that you have a big announcement to make. If you want to take things up a notch, then dress up in your costume to make it even more memorable. This is a great option when the surprise will be publicly shared and photographed. Maybe you do not want to propose while in a dinosaur costume, but you may want to give your kids tickets to Disneyland while wearing a princess costume. However, if you do think your significant other will appreciate that dinosaur costume, then go ahead and wear it for the proposal!

5. Host a Kids Party

Kids love costumes, and you can instantly make your child’s party more special when you dress up for it. You can be the best host ever when you greet kids as Iron Man or Wonder Woman. Children definitely appreciate this kind of thing, which is something to keep in mind as you pick out a costume at a Halloween store in Calgary.