5 Essentials Winter Boutique Clothing Purchases

One of the best things about shopping in boutique stores is that you get the best access to the latest fashion trends. Boutique fashion looks like it

One of the best things about shopping in boutique stores is that you get the best access to the latest fashion trends. Boutique fashion looks like it comes straight from the runway and into your wardrobe. If you want to be on top of the trends this winter.

Here are the top five boutique fashion trends to look for this year.

1. Invest in One Big Dress

This year, winter fashion is big. As in, you need to go big or go home. Big dresses were all over the runway this year, showcasing big silhouettes, big bows, big colors and more. Obviously, with the size of these dresses, it can be hard to stock up on more than one. However, you only need one. Peruse the options, and select a big dress to define your wardrobe this winter. This discussion piece will make you the focal point of any event you attend over the holiday season and beyond.

2. Complete Your Wardrobe with Fun Fashion Suits

Suits may seem pretty dull at first glance, but this season, suits have been reimagined with the latest fashionable flourishes. Pantsuits, in particular, are a focus this season, and many designers have reinvigorated the tired look with a fresh focus. This season, the suits feature distinctive and flattering shapes. You can also look for fun fashion suits with funky patterns. An updated pantsuit has a lot of versatility in your wardrobe this winter. Many of these pieces are entirely work appropriate. However, given their funky edge, you can also wear them out and about while you socialize this season. In short, suits are a great way to bulk up your winter wardrobe.

3. Try a Prairie Dress

Prairie dresses made a splash in 2018 as the latest go-to fashion revelation. However, the light, springy colors are being replaced this winter with darker, edgier themes. This winter, check out your favorite boutique clothing outlets for these darker prairie dresses. They may feature fun flourishes like corsets or laced-up waists. Other embellishments to look for include lower balloon sleeves. The darker hues are perfect for your winter style. If you think a prairie dress is too whimsical for your taste, the darker variations right now may be a pleasant surprise. They are definitely worth a second glance when you shop this winter.

4. Accessorize with a Bucket Hat

Boutique clothing relies heavily on accessories. The must-have accessory this winter is the bucket hat. Bucket hats have become quite trendy in recent years, and there are now high-fashion variations available at your favorite boutiques. Boutique bucket hats often feature luxurious fabrics like luxe canvas or patent leather. Also, keep your eyes peeled for lush embellishments like fine netting or crystals. An excellent bucket hat will complement many of your other winter wardrobe staples.

5. Go Logo-Free with Your Fashion

Many major fashion labels have traditionally included their logo as a prominent feature of their pieces. However, that is not the case with the styles being released this winter. Instead, this season, shop for logo-free boutique clothing. The fashion options this year rely on bold colors and patterns as opposed to overt branding measures. This branding minimalism is a welcome relief for many boutique shoppers.