Top 10 Best Things to do in India

Diverse, antique and beautiful, India is a distinct experience that can also be amazing. From its rich culture, gourmet food to its well-known archit

Diverse, antique and beautiful, India is a distinct experience that can also be amazing. From its rich culture, gourmet food to its well-known architecture and spectacular vistas, the country has something for every kind of traveler. In case, if you need a little guidance deciding what to do in the country and what to make tours to India happening, here is our list of the best things to do in India.

  1. Enjoy a safari ride

India is house to a variety of wildlife, but the mysterious gem is the cats that travel the country. India is home to five of the highest wild cats in the world, with one holding the Bengal tigers. This wild cat has assembled travellers from all around the world to catch a sight of their roaming ground. India tours can become amazing with a ride of safari in the majestic jungles.

  1. Explore the temples

India is a religious country and trips to India often include temples in every package they offer as you can find one temple every 3kms within the city. Temples are viewed as spiritual homes for the gods, where people go to pay their honours and obeisance to their idol every day. Many of these temples hold a rich history of artistic significance and possess stunning architecture that makes it a striking part of India’s heritage.

  1. Be a part of festivals

Festivals in India present the heart of their religion, culture, and spirit. India holds numerous festivals all year-round in much variety and a group of people. Many of the festivals honour the gods and goddesses, saints and prophets as well as the welcoming of different seasons. Diving into one of these festivals is where you’ll see the authentic vitality of India’s heart and soul. Still, wondering why we promote as a thing to do in India? Be a part of one and discover on your own!

  1. Trek in the Himalayas

Often dominated by its neighbour when it comes to trekking, India is nonetheless a fabulous destination offering excellent trekking opportunities in the Himalayas. From easy day hikes through the valleys to obliging multiday treks highlighting high passes, mountainous trails, and picturesque views, trekking in the Indian Himalayas is a gift for body, mind and soul.

  1. Enjoy the beauty of beaches

Encircled by water on three sides, India is a land gifted by myriad beaches. India’s tropic climate makes beaches a famous resort, with many of the best beaches found on India’s west side as well as sneaked gems on the east.

  1. Uncover the backwaters in the South

Besides the Malabar Coast of India, Kerala is a province famous for its waterways, paddy fields, coconut groves, and natural blue waters that extend down the coast. With 900 kilometres of backwaters, Kerala gives travellers a glimpse into men carrying people in canoes, interconnected canals, floating grocery stores, and a unique look into a more leisurely way of life in India.

  1. Discover your inner-self

Meditation and the method of finding inner peace have been deeply fortified in Indian culture since the 6th century BCE. The country’s rich history of meditation and yoga as gateways to discover peace has created locations and communities all across the country for enthusiastic seekers to retreat and study finding their inner self.

  1. Ride Camel in the Desert

One of the best experiences in India is to take a camel safari through the rippling deserts of Rajasthan and to finish the day nesting under the stars. Not only is the camel safari an entertainment on its own, but it is also an informal way to experience rural life in the sands of India.

  1. Visit the historic places

India is one of the most traditional civilizations in the world. It has seen the emergence and decline of many kings, empires and dynasties that have left numerous legacies behind. Hence, it is a nation rich in history and cultural importance that represent not only long-held traditions but the glorious past of the country’s remarkable history.

  1. Eat the delicious food of India

India is recognized as a country of spices. It can be discovered in their cuisine that is universally appreciated for its excellent use of herbs and spices. Indian food is appreciated for its large variety of dishes and unique tastes from state to state. Staples include rice, pulses, wheat, and a wide range of vegetables.