Pacman 30th anniversary : A Full Guide to PACMAN doodle 30th Anniversary, doodle of Google

Introduction On June 29, 1980, a very unique game was released which is known as Pacman. Due to its new and over-the-top concept, it gained a lot of p


On June 29, 1980, a very unique game was released which is known as Pacman. Due to its new and over-the-top concept, it gained a lot of popularity. What’s more surprising is that the game also gained huge popularity in the United States. Entering the gaming world with a bang PAC-MAN succeeded in surprising the world with its entry.  Designed by Naco Limited- A Japanese manufacturer, PAC-MAN has done wonders in the sales area too. It is said that in one year more than 1,00,000 units were sold. Well! The reason behind such a huge sale and popularity is of course the innovative gaming design. With the ease of playing it online as well as offline this game has unlimited versions to try. On its 30th the developers released its unique version which every newspaper, magazine, and article published about. The game was the only one to survive successfully for 30 years.

Not only this, Google itself generated a free play link along with embedding the logo on behalf of PAC-MAN 30th birthday. This initiative by Google is all because of the popularity it gained in the past thirty years.

History of The PacMan game

One day Iwatani went to the restaurant and ordered pizza. The moment pizza came and Iwatani looked at it, the idea for the PAC-MAN shape was generated. If you look at the PAC-MAN you will find that PAC-MAN has two parts that resemble the two slices of Pizza. In Japanese it is known as ” paku-paku taberu”. In the game, there will be a PAC-MAN which will fight with monsters or ghosts with a motive to eat 240 dots.  Designed by Toru Iwatani in Japan with a motive to design something unique, a kind of video game that is not yet on the market. With this vision, he started working on making a video game that will break all stereotypes and will be for both men and women. 

30th anniversary Pac Man updated to version 2022

The updated version of PAC MAN is a unique kind of game that revolves around the main character, who is a ghost. There are four ghosts in the game of chibi-size figures. In this collaboration between the PAC-MAN and the ghost, you can easily identify the ghost and the PAC-MAN. The good graphic design, high sound quality, and an interesting game level enough to encourage its players are some of the extraordinary qualities of this arcade game that make it popular among players. The best of this game is that with time the characters in this game keep on updating themselves and bring out new changes as per the demand of the situation and environment. The ultimate goal is to make players feel better. No doubt that this updated version of PAC-MAN is more interesting than the older version. 

What is Updated in the 30th Anniversary of the Pacman game?

The new and updated version of PAC-MAN is a cute video game containing both good as well as bad characters. One of the best games created so far, this updated version has arcade cabinets and one of the characters as a monster- Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde. Each ghost/ monster character in the game is different from one another which keeps players’ interest intact in the game. 

How to Play Pacman 30th Anniversary in Google browser

The process of playing PAC MAN using the google browser is quite easy and simple. Asi mentioned earlier that Google embedded PAC-MAN on Google Doodle, therefore you can easily play it using the browser. All you have to do is-

  • Open the Google browser. 
  • On the search bar write PAC-MAN
  • Google Doodle feature box will appear on the screen along with the option of the play button. 
  • Click on the play option and you are ready to play the game.

Pacman 30th anniversary How to Win

Long into the race, PAC-MAN isn’t that easy to play. To win the game you will have to approach with full planning and a competitive mindset. Here are some simple steps to win the game- 

Step-1: keep your eye on your opponent 

The very first rule to play and win PAC-MAN is to keep a watch on your opponent especially on the Blinky and Pinky (fastest and skilled). As the game has only four ghosts, run with planning and do not take the wrong turn as the ghost might catch you. 

Step 2: Realize that you are  smarter than the game

Thanks to the artificial intelligence of the PAC-MAN, the ghost can appear anywhere anytime. One time they might appear as if they are chasing you and the other minute you’ll find them on totally different paths. Try to be in areas having multiple routes and turn-offs. In case it seems that you are going to be caught trying to move in the direction in which the ghost is moving. 

Step-3: Concentrate on earning more points

Try to collect all possible numbers of fruits that come on your path along with keeping an eye on the ghost. On destroying each ghost you get a point. On destroying all the ghosts on one power-up you can earn 200 to 3000 points. 

Step-4: Beware of the eyes

All the ghosts you eat or destroy on power-up will become a pair of eyes that can be found in the center. Try not to get caught by them. 

Step-5: learn how the ghost thinks

There is no randomness in the movement of the ghost. Whether they come from behind or from the front their main motive is to catch you. So! Try to understand their strategy and keep yourself away. 

There are lots of games launched every year but none survive for such a long period as PAC-MAN. Have you ever thought about what factor it is which makes PAC-MAN the biggest running game in the market and what’s the reason behind its immense popularity? Well! As we know people have different tastes when it comes to playing games. Some like to play online, some enjoy it alone whereas some enjoy playing offline. PAC-MAN allows you to access it both online as well as offline. You can even play it on your mobile phone, desktop, laptop, etc. 

Final Words

PAC-MAN is a very interesting game and its beautiful features make it everyone’s favorite. The graphics in this arcade game add more glitters to it. Moreover, this game is compatible with both mobile phones and computers and can be played single or with multiple players. There are in total 256 levels but it is very difficult to cross each level and reach stage 256.  Surely this game is worth trying. 

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