The Importance of Using Online File Server as the Main Storage for Important Files

Every computer user must have important data, files, or folders stored on his computer. The files that are stored on the user's computer can be in the

Every computer user must have important data, files, or folders stored on his computer. The files that are stored on the user’s computer can be in the form of office work, college and school assignments, and other important data that require extra security. Users usually easily save important files or data on their personal computers without worrying that the data can be lost or damaged.

Personal computing tools whether it be a desktop or Personal Computer (PC), laptop or notebook, tablet, smartphone, or other computing devices are quite vulnerable to interference and damage. Interference and damage, both physically and digitally, certainly threatens the condition of important data or files stored on the computer, especially if the user does not make a backup. When the damage occurs, the important data on the computer could be lost instantly.

Regarding this backup, users usually use external storage media such as flash drives, CD / DVDs, and external hard drives to store important files and backups. However, this external storage is also very susceptible to damage, shock or scratches on the DVD / CD which can cause the storage device to be illegible. Not to mention if you have to deal with viruses.

That’s why computer users and owners of important data should think of proper solutions so as not to experience the terrible things. Online file server or storage can be a surefire solution to avoid losing important data on your computer. In terms of data security, online file storage also has a special security system so that it is safer from the threat of data loss and damage.

Online Storage

Using online storage as the data storage can be considered by computer users. Data stored on a computer can be copied easily, this makes important data can move and spread, especially if the computer is used by other people. However, online storage is not the case, you need to log in to be able to access data stored in online storage so that important personal data will not be spread. Users can also provide access to other people to access data stored in online storage so that the data transmission process can be done quickly without the hassle of moving flash drives.

Most online storage services, such as Gladinet ,already provide computer and mobile applications, so that when users finish creating documents, they can immediately save the data to online storage. The application can also synchronize with storage media on a computer so that users can freely choose which files or data to store in online storage.

Another advantage of online storage is the backup feature, where online storage can backup stored data regularly and automatically, users can also restore backup data at any time. Another security benefit of using online storage as primary storage is that it is much safer from virus attacks and infections.

One thing that is required to access online storage is an internet connection. However, with all the advantages of online storage, it is also necessary to perform and have offline backups on the computer hard drive. This is to anticipate many possibilities such as difficult internet access, or when a service provider is doing maintenance.