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On-Page SEO Techniques For You St. Louis Business

When it comes to getting traffic for a website, its ranking in a search engine result plays a crucial role. Getting to the top rankings means that t

When it comes to getting traffic for a website, its ranking in a search engine result plays a crucial role. Getting to the top rankings means that the site will gain high visibility for users that search for a topic related to your site. To maintain a good position in the rankings, a webmaster must incorporate a set of techniques called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which help boost traffic in a site by optimizing its content. 

Among the different techniques of SEO is On-page or On-site SEO. Here, a site’s content and structure are optimized to help users understand better the context of the site. Here is a rundown of the importance and set of practices within On-page SEO and how they help a site gain better traction among the vast number of sites out there on the web.

Since search engine algorithms are geared towards providing good results for the user, it is important that you convince the search engine that your site is worthy of being displayed among the top results of a query. In the process of ranking sites in a search result, the search engine will associate search terms and keywords to websites that it will display upon a user query. The techniques of On-page SEO enable the site to send signals to the search engine to help it understand your site content a lot better by emphasizing the keywords within a site.

Now that we have established the importance and difference of On-page SEO from the other sets of SEOs, let us go over some of the techniques of On-page SEO.  We spoke to St. Louis SEO stars based in St. Louis, MO to compile this list of best practices.

Optimizing a Page’s Title and Meta Description

All search engines check a site’s title and meta description to get immediate data on what the site is about. For the site to be evaluated as having good content, you must write a distinctive title for the site. You can opt to include descriptive but short titles, with power words that can make it more interesting for the user. Since the title is only 60 characters, you need not include the domain name. 

Meanwhile, the meta description is the text that will be displayed in the search engine result page. Being only 200 characters in length, you must make sure this text is unique and accurately describes what the page is about to convince the user to visit your site.

Optimizing Page Content

In making the content of your site, you must first consider the keywords that users type in a search engine box that is related to your site’s content. You should pick your target keywords and related keywords or LSI keywords and use them in the descriptions, page headings, and content of your site which will make the website more relevant to the topic it is related to. This is important because search engines such as Google take note of the site’s topic relevance when electing the topmost results in a search result.

Creating Content of High Quality

It is not enough to just rely on SEO to boost a site’s rankings in a search result. If a site has bad content, its ranking will fall eventually regardless of the techniques used on it. In making the site content, you must strive to create original and exclusive material for the site. This includes text, articles, and any form of media. If your content is not text-based such as videos, you must still include descriptions for the users to better understand what the content is about. Lastly, you must research thoroughly for your site content to make sure that you are providing factual and useful information for your users.

Format Properly

Like your reports at school, your page must be formatted correctly for better visibility. Headings and subheadings must be in larger font to be made more visible. You can emphasize words by formatting them in bold or underlined style. Make use of HTML to give life to your page.

Handle Multimedia Elements Correctly

When it comes to media such as images and video, you must also take necessary steps to make them contribute to your site’s content. Use only original media and reference if you need to use the ones from other sites. When describing an image, make use of the ALT HTML tag so that the search engine can better understand the image context. Lastly, you can make use of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) which hosts your media into a few servers so that they load faster when the page is pulled.

Make the site Mobile-friendly

Nowadays, mobile phones have overtaken computers as the devices that people use more often in surfing the internet. For your site to remain relevant, you must optimize its content to be accessible even when viewed in a smart phone web browser. This involves the use of advanced HTML and CSS techniques that scale your page’s content depending on the size of the screen used to view it. Site traffic from mobile viewers contribute greatly to a site’s overall traffic, so make sure your website is viewable even on smartphones.

If your St. Louis business needs its own high-traffic site but you lack the technical expertise to make your own, there are available agencies out there that can help you launch a website. You can get in touch with them through their website if you are interested in learning more about their services. 

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