10 Tips for The Long Horse Riders – Ride Like a Pro!

Long horse riders should be aware of simple tips while riding. This will keep them in sync with the horse and prevent accidents and mishaps from takin

Long horse riders should be aware of simple tips while riding. This will keep them in sync with the horse and prevent accidents and mishaps from taking place. Always remember when you are riding a horse, you should always create a safe environment for both of you. The following ten tips will help you-

  1. Wear proper riding gear- Proper riding gear is essential when you are on horseback. Do not wear clothes that will unnecessarily get entangled with your horse. Shoes and footwear should be proper. Check the weather and ensure you have clothes to keep you warm if chilly.
  2. Greeting your horse- Remember your horse is a living animal and acknowledging its presence before riding helps you to create a strong rapport. You can start off with the usual horseman handshake. Here, you extend your arm and give the back of your hand to the horse to smell. Once the horse touches your hand with its nose, it has greeted you back.
  3. Mounting your horse with confidence- When you mount your horse, do not get nervous. If you are nervous, your horse will sense it as well and start to shake.
  4. Never slouch- It is essential for you to sit straight and not slouch when you are riding your horse. Be relaxed. Have you seen professional horse racing tournaments on TVG and the like? If yes, watch how the riders maintain posture and hold balance so that their horses do not feel their body weight.
  5. Being gentle with the reins of your horse- Your riding technique is very important. You should be gentle with the reins of your horse. Western riders often grab reins with both hands while English riders take each rein in one hand. You may choose anyone, however, do not be too hard, or your horse will get hurt.  
  6. Keep the saddle horn free- When you are riding a horse, keep the saddle horn free. Most riders hold on to it while riding. In fact, holding on will make you fall easily as often you lose balance.
  7. Keep eyes on the trail- Do not keep your eyes on the horse, always keep your eyes on the trail. If you stare at your horse, it will seem like looking at the hood of your car when you drive.
  8. Staying in sync with your horse- Stay in rhythm with your horse. Sway as per its rhythm. Stay relaxed to keep your horse calm as well.
  9. Dismount your horse like a professional- Like mounting your horse, dismount like an expert. Do it as smoothly as you can so that your horse does not get disturbed.
  10. Walk your horse- Walking your horse gives your horse a steady gait. It helps you to start safely before you pick up the momentum to trot or gallop.

Therefore, if you are a Long Horse rider, keep the above tips in mind. You will not only stay safe, but you can establish a healthy relationship with your horse as well.