Marquee Letters: Lights and Sparkle Add the Extra Zing to your Event!

Whether you’re planning to tie the knot with your loved one in Australia or in the dreamy place like Stamford Plaza in Brisbane or even a beachfront d

Whether you’re planning to tie the knot with your loved one in Australia or in the dreamy place like Stamford Plaza in Brisbane or even a beachfront destination wedding, isn’t it a unique thing to do for your wedding? A pop of light is necessary for wedding décor so why not marquee letter signs? These marquee letters for sure adds up a perfect touch to a wedding and makes it more blissful and bright. It is said that the marquee letters in Australia are the most famous item in the weddings, birthday parties and even in commercial events.

It’s amazing how the wedding planners and the couple takes up this retro and fascinating decoration and present them in a combined way with the wedding reception design. They provide a creative lighting choice and can also be cast-off to label certain areas. Building up the wedding days’ surroundings with marquee letters is the most beautiful thing. These letters would surely make your D-day special and dazzling for you and your loved ones.

Ways to present the marquee letters are:

There is a number of ways to create these letters and catch people’s attention, they are:

  • Light-up initials- The most popular way to combine the style lighting in the reception decoration is to use the groom and bride’s name initials. It gives a bold, simple and pop-up view in the venue. In Australia, Marquee letters are generally at the cocktail bars as a décor.
  • Irradiate the wedding message- One can create some messages like “Journey begins” in a funky and stunning pop-up light with a combination of coloured lights. Sticking to conventional style is so boring, so a person or a couple could simply add up some neon and bright colour lights to make the message come out in a more glowing style.
  • Show off the new titles- The “MR & MRS.” signs won’t go out of style. It could be presented into a display wall which not only works as the decoration but also as a source of light in the dim-lit venue. It works as the wedding venue more sparkling and rosy item, catch people’s attention and also as a photo booth.
  • Play out with calligraphy- Who says that these letters can only be in a form of “all-caps” font? Using a mixture of calligraphy, typefaces, bold font, creating on some wooden letters are presented in a dynamic way. One can add their favourite lyrics and some love or wedding quotes to make it more interesting.
  • A daytime style- The only reason that they’re just light’s doesn’t mean that it needs to be saved for the evening events, it could be used as a vintage décor by pairing it up with some wood twangs and metallic letters for a beautifying and classy look. It adds an extra layer of magnificence in the event.

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