Web Design Tricks for Small Businesses to Ensure High Conversions

In the challenging corporate world, brand marketing and business growth is a daunting endeavor for small businesses. If you are a startup business ope

In the challenging corporate world, brand marketing and business growth is a daunting endeavor for small businesses. If you are a startup business operating on a small scale but looking forward to expanding your wings and grow big, you have to create a robust digital presence through captivating web design that people would love to visit and make intentional purchases.

You may have beautiful and beneficial products, excellent search engine optimization plan and a skilful team of marketing professionals; you cannot have winning conversion rate and increased revenues if your website design is deficient or obsolete. Transform your website as the most significant element of your marketing plan. If you don’t know how to do it, consult web design Austin, TXfor professional support.

Here are a few tactics using which you can improve conversions no matter the business size.

  • Simple and predictable layout:

A predictable web design layout is one in which everything from the logo to a slogan, call-to-actions and shopping cart buttons, etc., appear clean and understandable. It’s simple, not cryptic to confuse the user.

Go for creating one-page parallax design with grids and balanced slicing and appropriate white spacing. Keep the fonts and color contrasts user-friendly. Readability factor plays a vital role in making or breaking the user experience.

  • Simplify the navigation process:

Be it the menu, homepage scrolling, moving from page to page or the shopping cart and purchase process, make every bit of your site comfortable to use for the site visitors. Effortless navigation with minimum clicks and fast switching from one point to another increases the likelihoods of converting potential leads into final sales.

  • Centralized USP, tagline or slogan:

Having a clear value proposition and ta for your business is one thing and incorporating it into your web design is another. Whether first design for your eCommerce site or redesigning it, give your unique selling proposition central position within overall web design.

If customers find it hard to what makes you different and unique from other online vendors they will quickly leave your site. So, place your business slogan right in front of prospective customers. Take Walmart as an example; it’s slogan ‘Save Money. Live Better’ is a classic example of a unique selling point.

  • Magnify CTAs & reduce the user clicks:

Call-to-action buttons play a significant role in high conversions. Their color and position matter a lot in this regard. Make your CTAs stand out from the remainder design, but relevant to the overall design and content of the target page. Call to actions should not be ignored in the presence of other online advertisements because people are lazy by nature – perhaps digital age is transforming them this way. Well, also, make the check-out process stress-free and straightforward by reducing the number of clicks and distractions.


The majority of the people believe that their business isn’t official until they have a website. So, they jump right into having one without appropriate planning, allocating the resources and making the value proposition an essential part of their website design. It’s a killer move for your business success and growth. Follow the tactics as mentioned above, and you will undoubtedly get boosted conversions.