How Do You Choose the Best White Wine?

You will find different white wine varieties and no two kinds taste the same. Some varieties are too popular while a few are less known. Then, that do

You will find different white wine varieties and no two kinds taste the same. Some varieties are too popular while a few are less known. Then, that does not mean those are poor in quality. For example, if a wine bottle includes the word crisp printed, it means the taste is fresh and a bit acidic. Creamy wine denotes a smooth texture without being acidic. A dry variety means no sweetness, oaky means old wine stored in barrels with a flavor resembling vanilla. Round means a smooth texture. According to an article published on huffingtonpost.co.uk, Sauvignon Blanc is a white wine variety with a fresh, fruity taste. Again, a 97-Point Louis Latour Corton Charlemagne is as good as white burgundy, tasting great. Read on to learn how to pick the best white wine.

Know the white wine variety

Start by knowing the white wine variety. Look at all the available options and then make your pick. You can research online, read books, and talk to experts on white wine. Learn which varieties go best with what type of food. A few white wines taste best without any food. Look for them as well. Research a little on individual flavors and food pairings. For example, dry white wine complements white meat, cheese, and salads. Wines are usually categorized depending on the grapes they are manufactured from, and wine is referred to as varietal if one grape variety is used to produce the same. You can learn more about wines on platforms like Sokolin or similar ones.

Focus on the food

It is not possible to pair a specific dish with all white wine varieties. Choose a bottle depending on the food, like salty, spicy, sweet, or zesty. Once you are sure of the food, pick the right white wine. If you do not know, ask a wine connoisseur. For example, sweet varieties such as Rieslings and ice wine taste best with fruits, desserts, or any food that is sweet. Again, dry white wine complements white meat, fish, seafood, pork, and cheese. You can pick bottles of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris to pair the food up. If you have a fondness for spicy and flavored white wine, choose Gewürztraminer. Enjoy this full-bodied white wine with a unique aroma that complements Asian delicacies like beef and pork.

Look at the price

You will find numerous white wine varieties, a few of which are high priced. The other options are easy on your wallet. Depending on the taste you have for wine, choose a bottle. If you are looking for vintage wines, be prepared to shell out more money. That is because classic varieties will cost you more. If you want to spend less, choose an affordable white wine variety. Take suggestions from your friends or associates who have tasted white wine. Based on what they say, you can pick the bottle of your choice. And if you already know a little about white wines, there is nothing like it.


Now that you know how to make the right choice when it comes to white wine, pick the bottle of your choice and pair it up with good food.

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