Marketing Tips for Fueling Your Brand’s Strategy

A reputed website, adespresso, revealed that 200 million users are responsible for visiting business profiles on a regular basis. Marketing on In

A reputed website, adespresso, revealed that 200 million users are responsible for visiting business profiles on a regular basis. Marketing on Instagram is extremely competitive. Almost 25 million big and small businesses are using this platform for capturing attention, inciting interest, creating desire, and compelling action. With this competition, it is crucial that thoughtful and proven strategies are used for the success of the brands.

Given below are a few tips that will help in shaping your strategy.

Taking care of your Instagram bio

Apart from the business name, website URL, and the username, Instagram is responsible for providing exactly 150 characters, for writing a unique and interesting bio. Instagram bio is undoubtedly the opportunity of creating the first impression on the audience. You can also articulate the business offers and explain to people as to why they should care for your business. The bio should be capable of explaining your brand and the services or products that you offer along with the brand identity.

Choosing an ideal profile picture

Before visitors are reading the Instagram bio, they are going to look at the profile picture as well. In a true sense, a profile picture is the first impression. Therefore, an ideal profile picture is responsible for drawing the attention of the visitors. Your profile picture should be the logo of your brand and it should be clear and also uncut by the trademark circle of Instagram.

Establishing the look of your brand on Instagram

Establishing the look of the brand means that you need to create a sense of consistency on this platform. It is significant to create visual consistency because this consistency is what is going to make the images of the brand recognizable instantly along with the other contents that are being posted constantly. This is also going to increase the chance of people engaging with the posts. Also, you should use similar filters for all the images. This is also great for maintaining the consistency of the profile. Getting real Instagram followers will help in increasing your business account’s credibility.

Having goals that can be defined clearly

If you are not creating goals, you are not going to understand if Instagram marketing is ideal for you. Creating a proper objective always begins with selecting the ideal metrics for measuring success. The two categories include vanity metrics and business metrics. Vanity metrics are responsible for informing if the content is capable of resonating with the target audience and it also measures the presence that you have on Instagram as compared to the competitors.

Business metrics help in tracking and understanding as to how social media is responsible for contributing to the broader results of your business. Both are extremely important and you need to consider them before you are launching your business account on Instagram.

Create content that is compelling

Compelling content is capable of driving action and it is responsible for making people share, comment, as well as click on the posts. Before you are making someone take a particular action, you have to ensure that you are capturing their attention first.


For fueling the marketing strategy that you have for your brand, it is crucial that you consider all the marketing tips that have been mentioned above. These tips will definitely help you to succeed as a brand.