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5 Tips to Boost Your Business with Video Content

Videos used in the website increase the organic traffic by 157% and more than two-thirds of customers agree that videos directly influence their buy

Videos used in the website increase the organic traffic by 157% and more than two-thirds of customers agree that videos directly influence their buying decisions.

Today, video content is the buzzword in the business world. If you know the advantages of video content but want to learn how to use videos to boost business, then here are 5 great ideas to get started.

Bet on Culture Content to Connect with the Audience

Nowadays, before entrusting their loyalty towards a business, customers want to know the values the brand stands for.

This stems from the need to relate to the product or service the customers are planning to buy.

Businesses are reciprocating to this customer need by showing off their organizational culture by way of culture videos.

Culture videos give an insight into the company; its mission, the values it holds, and the attitude and behavior of the employees. It also includes any content that shows why and how the business is unique from others.

A peek into the human element of the business is a win-win situation for everyone. Many believe that culture content can influence the buyer’s decision. It could help bridge the gap between showing interest and buying the product.

Businesses won’t find a better medium than videos to showcase ‘who they are’ and ‘what they stand for.’ The clip could be a brief chat between the employees, a tour of the office, or a compilation of the fun moments at the company dinner or picnic.

Thank Customers for Their Support

A few carefully chosen words of appreciation can endear the listener to the speaker.

We all have been in that position. It feels nice to be appreciated, don’t you think so?

A short, personal video to your customers thanking them for their business and support will go a long way in developing lasting relationships.

Customers have chosen your brand by devoting time, attention, and money. Customers want their commitment to be appreciated and valued.

According to a report, 68% of customers stop supporting a business because they felt unappreciated. This stat must be an eye-opener in itself. Add to it the 80-20 rule, which says that 20% of your customers contribute 80% of your business.

Businesses that don’t appreciate their customers don’t just lose one customer, they lose future customers too.

Hence, customer loyalty is essential to sustain and grow a business. Send a ‘thank you’ video after a deal or once in a while for their support. For appreciation videos, authenticity is more important than professionalism and quality of the video.

Educate Your Audience with Video Content

Video content succeeds because of its versatility. No other type of content embodies multiple forms of communication.

With video content, you get three benefits-for-one. The combining of visual, audio, and text mediums help businesses communicate and engage more effectively with the audience.

Businesses and marketers agree that video content is the best medium to explain a product, idea, or process. Video content achieves this in a short and succinct way.

The list of compelling reasons to use educational or explainer videos is long. That said; two following reasons should settle the matter in the video’s favor:

  • The use of videos as a marketing tool by businesses has increased exponentially. According to a report, 88% of all businesses use at least one explainer video in their marketing campaign.
  • Businesses prefer video content because the customers are drawn towards it. Video Rascal found that 85% of people are ready to buy if a video is used to explain a product.

You don’t have to be a business that sells a product to use explainer videos. Anyone can use an explainer video to educate the customer about their offerings.

Since nearly 9 out of 10 businesses are using explainer videos and the remaining will soon join their ranks, you need to stand out. Create video content that establishes you as the leader in your space. Bring forward the experts in your company to educate and convenience the audience.

Add Customer Testimonial Videos to the Marketing Mix

Word-of-mouth is still one of the best marketing strategies for boosting business. How can you amplify and augment its reach? Use customer testimonial videos. 

Who better than your customers to sing paeans and strongly advocate your business?  

Customer testimonials work because most of us follow the same buying habits. Before buying a product, installing an app, availing a service, visiting a restaurant, we check out what customers have to say.

According to Marketing Land, 90% of customers acknowledge their decision to buy is influenced by online reviews.

So, what can you do? Get your customers in front of the camera. Let them share with the world their experience of using your brand.

Explainer videos that use your employees to explain the salient features of your product or service have a place in video marketing. But, testimonial videos are more authentic and effective in pitching your business to others.

We would also like to note that video testimonials are more believable than text for obvious reasons. Most people trust video testimonials because they can see the happy expressions in the customers’ faces and hear their sincerity in their voices.

Businesses can use customer testimonial videos everywhere. For maximum impact, they should employ these videos in their social media marketing campaigns.  

Tell Your Origin and Success Story

The origin and growth of a business is a thing to be celebrated. In addition, perseverance and success can be used as a powerful message for the audience.

The company origin and success story is a tremendous asset. Suddenly, the business isn’t just a profit-making entity anymore. In the eyes of the public, the business becomes an inspiration and its message can have an impact now and ever.

The audience is interested in how brands and businesses that they are loyal to, or plan on dealing with, was founded and grew.

Stories are interesting. When businesses tell their history as a story, obviously the viewers will be interested and intrigued.

A bit of company history incorporated into your marketing message can be a compelling way to engage with the audience.

If customers are given two identical product choices, they are more likely to prefer buying from a business they like. Company origin and success videos make the business appealing to the customers.

Final Thoughts

There is no denying the power of video as a marketing tool. Businesses must capitalize on the popularity of videos to convey their message to the audience.

The above-mentioned ideas can help you connect and engage with your customers. Creating visually appealing content is easy. Small businesses can shot videos in-house and then hire video editor to make them look professional.

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