How To Eliminate Bed Bugs From Your Bed

Bed bugs can live anywhere. These nocturnal creatures enjoy hanging out in tiny spaces especially in and around the bed. Although bed bugs don’t carry

Bed bugs can live anywhere. These nocturnal creatures enjoy hanging out in tiny spaces especially in and around the bed. Although bed bugs don’t carry diseases and aren’t dangerous, they are very annoying. Apart from their itchy bites, they cause embarrassing moments when they stick on your clothes only to come out in public. To avoid such moments and have better sleep, you need ideas on how to eliminate bed bugs from your bed. Read on for some pointers.

Here’s a catch

Before knowing how to eliminate bed bugs, it pays to understand where they hide. Bed bugs can hide anywhere but the bed is their favorite spot. Their flat bodies make them hide in the bed where they become invisible to the naked eye. Bed bugs live in groups in the box springs, headboards, mattresses, and bed frames where they have easy access to feed on the sleeper. However, they might move to other areas like the sofa if you take long to eliminate them.  

How to tell you have bed bugs in your home

Bed bugs usually hide during the day only to come out at night to feed on you. Here’re a few signs to tell you have bed bugs:

  • Look out for tiny eggs and shells
  • Rust colored stains on mattress tags
  • Live insects on mattress seams and folds
  • Tiny brown spots on the sheets and pillowcases
  • Check in places with excess heat and moisture for the bugs

How to eliminate bed bugs

The best way to eliminate bed bugs in your bed is to get mattress from a trusted foam mattress supplier. A memory foam mattress has a dense structure that inhibits the growth of dust mites and bed bugs. This type of mattress comes with antibacterial properties that don’t support bed bugs to thrive. You just have to replace your old mattress with a memory foam option and you will enjoy happier and healthier sleep always. A foam mattress is made with real silver that kills bacteria and eliminates odors.

Other alternatives

Tidying up

Apart from replacing your old mattress with a foam alternative, make your bedroom tidy to lessen chances of bed bug infestation. Regular vacuuming and avoiding piles of clothes from sitting in an area for a long period eliminates breeding grounds for the bed bugs. This will keep the nasty creatures from your bed for better sleep.

DIY methods

Coupled with good hygiene, washing the beddings on temperatures higher than 40 degrees Celsius also helps kill the bed bugs. Alternatively, put a sticky tape in areas such as around the bedpost to trap these bugs as they move about. After some time, you will realize how many of the bed bugs you’ve put out of action. With time, you’ll realize fewer disturbances from these creatures.

Call a professional exterminator

In case the other methods have less impact, consider calling a professional exterminator. These have the appropriate equipment and methods to get rid of bed bugs. You just have to make a quick call and tell them your problem and extent of the infestation. Professionals understand the best way to apply chemicals that might eliminate bed bugs from your place of abode.


The fight to eliminate bed bugs from your household is not a walk in the park. The best idea is to use a combination of ideas for more effective results. Apart from replacing your old mattress with memory foam, ensure proper hygiene while avoiding clutter, and call a professional exterminator. With such efforts, you’ll sleep better knowing that the bed bugs aren’t going to become lunch to some nasty creatures you share the bed with.


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