Interior Design Culture in India and History

Indian culture one of the oldest cultures in the world.  The Indian homes are vibrant and beautiful. The concept and styles are hugely diverse, just a

Indian culture one of the oldest cultures in the world.  The Indian homes are vibrant and beautiful. The concept and styles are hugely diverse, just as the traditions of India. India has a stunning style and exotic colour palette that reflects its diversity of traditions, people, cultures and designs. India is a nation with a rich history and heritage which are reflected in the designs as well. Each section of the society reflects a home of a specific type. You will find everything from huge palaces and forts, tribal homes, huts, modern apartments etc; but one thing in common that designs are delightful, innovative and extraordinary. From the ages of Kings and Queens till today, Indian homes are decorated tastefully and luxuriously with expensive motifs and painting. On the other hand, people with a lower income group decorated their homes with the things available around them. You can find diversity in houses whether if you are talking of extravagant palaces or mud houses of Rajasthan or sloping roofs in Konkan.

Indian interior designs are always distinct and clear even after so many rulers have ruled India. Indian designs are still unique and outstanding. Indian homes are decorated with statues of Hindu Gods and Goddesses made of bronze. You will find some interesting craftwork as well. It adds personality to the Indian homes. You will also find furniture made from dark wood which looks very tasteful. Interior decorators in Nagpur create inspiring designs.

In India, interior designing was an integral part of architectural designs. It was only after 1980 interior design earned its special place separate from architecture.

Our needs are changing with time. Some trends remain some change with local events and local cultures and give a new dimension to the trends and designs.

In India with the advent of economic liberalisation policy, opened newer avenues for interior designers. Until then architects had the responsibility of designing and furnishing the space. They had to look after every aspect like furnishing, paintings, motifs, artwork and the tapestry. Traditionally Indian homes consist of stone or flooring tiles, brightly coloured walls and ancestral furniture which are handed over from one generation to other.

Over the last two centuries, India has grown and urban class is living in a well-designed home their parents could have dreamed of. Now you find a very professionally planned and designed space which can be reflected in the growth of the Interior design industry.

Interior designers design spaces including offices, institutions, hospitals, schools, colleges, residences, hotels, resorts, airports and theatres etc.

Characteristics of Indian interior designs

Colour:  Indian homes exhibit vibrant element and elegant. The interior design is incomplete without a vibrant and bright colour. Indians love the colours. However, with time we have adapted to western colours and integrate modernity to the designs. Modern homes are painted with natural and subtle colours.

Wood furniture: While designing and styling Indian homes, wooden furniture becomes indispensable. Authentic Indian furniture is one with crafted pieces, curved armrests and legs with carvings on it.

Floor:  As the Indian climate is sunny and hot. You will find marble in many homes who can afford that as it is suitable for such a climate. However in modern homes nowadays you will find vitrified tiles.

Painting and Motifs: Indian homes are designed with traditional, religious and cultural symbols. You will find at least one painting of Indian God or Buddha. And the common patterns of nature-inspired of birds or flowers. Statues of Ganesha or camel or turtles are very common.

Here exist a list of interior designers in Nagpur; Indian offers very inspiring possibilities and rich choices. But one should colours and furnishing that reflects your personality and style.

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