The Mediterranean Dream: Limassol, Cyprus

Traveling in Europe is always a good idea. There are so many countries full of history and cultural richness. The oldest continent in the world is kn

Traveling in Europe is always a good idea. There are so many countries full of history and cultural richness. The oldest continent in the world is known for amazing traveling destinations that simply take your breath away. While some countries are growing in tourism and the number of visitors is constantly on the rise, some European destinations seem to be underrated even today. Cyprus is a country that not many have heard of while there is a big reason to visit this country. Its breathtaking beauties, sandy beaches, and sunny days will fill you with energy for the rest of the year.


Cyprus is the birthplace of the Goddess Aphrodite. The country is situated in the crossroads between Europe and Asia. History has left a mark on today’s Cyprus. It’s a complex blend of ancient Greek and Roman buildings, castles and walls from Ottoman Empire times, and modern and vibrant Cyprus as we know it today. All of these periods perfectly blend together, creating the perfect travel destination for travelers from all around the world. 

Some of the oldest churches are indeed located in Cyprus and protected under UNESCO. Many amazing Cypriot cities are simply underrated and still not visited by many tourists. Such a city is Limassol, the second-largest city in the country. Once a small port town, Limassol has grown into a modern city full of tourism potential. The new part offers dining places and café places. The old town has important historical landmarks to visit. These are the things you just can’t miss visiting while you stay in Limassol, Cyprus.


The future of Limassol is in tourism. What will mostly attract tourists in the future is the soon opening City of Dreams Mediterranean, the will-be biggest casino resort in Europe. The casino is expected to open its door for gambling enthusiasts in 2021. Photos are regularly published on the website about the construction’s progress. The casino will feature more than 1000 slot machines, around 100 poker tables, and a gaming area that exceeds 2.500 sq. City of Dreams Mediterranean is a come true for every gambling enthusiast.

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As said, the newly built City of Dreams Mediterranean is believed to attract at least 300.000 tourists in Limassol every year. The plans to make Limassol a travel destination in Cyprus are becoming a reality. TripAdvisor has ranked Limassol as the third most popular tourist destination and has included it in the top 10 travel destinations on the rise.