Guide to a Discovery Trip to Frankfurt

Sometimes you do not have to drive far to discover something new. Excursions to the surroundings of Frankfurt give a lot of fresh input with great fun

Sometimes you do not have to drive far to discover something new. Excursions to the surroundings of Frankfurt give a lot of fresh input with great fun and provide recreation. So, it is best to pack your bag and go on a discovery tour to Frankfurt.

For culinary delights

Lohrberg & Lohrbergschanke

On the way between Bad Vilbel and Frankfurt lies the 185-meter high Lohrberg with its vineyards, green meadows and a wonderful view over the city. In summer you can have a barbecue on Frankfurt’s local mountain, play volleyball or simply go for a promenade. It is also worthwhile to visit the Main Äppelhaus, where local delicacies are sold from the local garden on the Lohrberg, such as Äppler, fresh fruit from the litter meadows or home-made jam. As a conclusion, you should definitely take a seat in the Lohrbergschänke. There you sit idyllically in the garden, enjoying the views and great Hessian cuisine with that certain something.

For romantic occasions


Okay, to call the Schwedler Lake a destination is perhaps not quite right. After all, it is almost in the city, so to speak, to the east on Hanauer Landstrasse. But those who walk down the narrow path to the lake and then stand on the pretty wooden terrace right on the water, feel a place far removed from the entire big-city bustle. Nowhere in the city can you, as here on the benches by the lake, take a break from everyday life, see the members of the small swimming club splashing around and taste small dishes from the kitchen. It gets really romantic on the boat dock when the sun goes down and shining candles or torches everywhere, but rather during the week or on a Sunday afternoon.

For moments in nature

Schwanheim dune

During a trip to nature, reserve Schwanheimer dune near Frankfurt-Höchst. Here you have the feeling that behind the next hill lays the sea hidden because the landscape of the Schwanheimer dune(one of the few inland dunes of Europe) is overgrown with silver grassy ground and pines, a typical seascape. The result of this almost bizarre area after the last ice age was sand, which was blown from the riverbed of the Main. Then a forest grew on it. Incidentally, the unusual landscape gave a book a name: “The Sea behind Frankfurt” – literary walks in the Frankfurt green belt.

For relaxing hours

Opel Zoo

Instead of going to the Frankfurt Zoo, you can go on a pilgrimage to the Opel Zoo near Königstein. Here you stroll along with the outdoor enclosures and even see animals that do not exist in the Frankfurt Zoo, such as African elephants, a cheetah or moose. The zoo is kid’s paradise, with playgrounds, a petting zoo and camel and pony rides. To make it more relaxed, it is best not to go on the weekends.


Do you need relaxation? Then it’s best to spend a whole day in the Rhein-Main-Therme. At 3000 square meters, you will find here seven different saunas and steam baths, such as Finnish saunas, a gentle bio-sanarium or an original earth sauna. It is particularly relaxing to let yourself be pampered in the whirlpool on the spacious sauna roof garden and to enjoy the view of the Taunus. Even if you like swimming and splashing, this is the place for you: a large aqua landscape with massage jets, a double slide and a beautiful outdoor pool is a paradise for all water mermaids and men.

For cultural experiences

Castle Frankenstein

The castle ruins are surrounded by exciting legends. For example, Mary Shelley, lover and late wife of the English poet Percy Shelley, wrote her famous novel “Frankenstein, the New Prometheus” after visiting the castle. The Brothers Grimm came across the story of the alchemist Johann KonradDippel von Frankenstein, who wanted to create a new person out of body parts and the blood of virgins. The Myth is that the monster is still sitting in the woods today, haunting young women. Otherwise, you can also scare yourself at the scary dinner or on Halloween. The courtyard with the castle restaurant invites you to relax after all the stories. Every Sunday there is a castle tour with castle writer Walter.

Roman fort Saalburg

You would like to travel back in time and see what the Romans did in Hesse in the distant past? Then you should pay a visit to the Roman fort. The partially restored fort in the Taunus at the Upper Germanic-Rhaetian Limes was built in 150 AD and belongs to the Unesco World Heritage Site. If the wanderlust packs you, you can walk along the Limes, the former border between the Roman Empire and the Germanic tribal areas.

For sports activity


At the Felsenmeer you can really exhaust yourself. According to the legends, two giants have thrown stones at the rocks, which are witness to this conflict until today. The Felsenmeer near Lautertal on the Bergstraße, about 50 kilometres from Frankfurt, stretches over 800 meters from Lautertal in 240 meters up to the Felsberg in 515 meters altitude. Every year, around 200,000 tourists visit this natural attraction, which according to scientists is said to be 340 million years old. A great climbing fun on the big, rounded stones! You can then strengthen yourself in the bistro “Koboldklause” with its beer garden.

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