What is the Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Today’s World

Our generation should feel privileged as we are witnessing and further going to witness a huge shift in the era of technological advancements. The int

Our generation should feel privileged as we are witnessing and further going to witness a huge shift in the era of technological advancements. The introduction of machines in every field of concern has eliminated the manual work and has accelerated the processes. Healthcare, banking, finance, manufacturing are some of the sectors that have witnessed the incorporation of machines with the artificial intelligence technology.

Artificial intelligence is defined as the branch of computer science that deals with the making of intelligent machines. These machines have the capability of reasoning, decision making, problem solving and perception. They have the ability to learn from the past and improve over the time. Artificial intelligence machines can replace humans in the cumbersome and boring tasks. Artificial intelligence has now become a part of our lives whether we accept or not. Artificial intelligence applications like Apple’s Siri, Tesla’s self-driving cars, automated machines in the manufacturing sector are some of the real-life examples.

This is just a beginning to the long road ahead. The pace through which machine learning technology is heading, we can expect great advancements in the technological sector. Let us have a look at how artificial intelligence will transform our lives for the better.

  1. Helping Hand for the Humans

Artificial intelligence machines can assist the humans in many areas. AI and machine learning algorithms can perform various activities in the industries. Artificial intelligence machines are trained to perform the tasks that humans find repetitive and boring. These machines can perform the tasks with more efficiency and accuracy. The human workforce can be provided with the tasks that are more challenging and productive.

  1. Artificial intelligence in Banking and Finance

Artificial intelligence and data science consulting services are widely used in banking and finance sector. There are a lot of activities that need to be performed in banking and finance sector in day to day basis. These consume a lot of time and efforts of the employees. Artificial intelligence applications help the banking sector to perform various activities on day to day basis. Some of the activities in banking and finance sector require handling the stock exchange, investment, and disinvestment in the money market etc. AI technology has reduced the human effort and produced more efficient results.

  1. Artificial intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence has completely changed the scenario of the medical sector. Various deep learning techniques help in handling the data in a better way. Healthcare sector has an abundance of data. This data is in the form of patient record, medical reports, doctor notes etc. AI and machine learning applications help in managing huge amount of data and this data can be used to cure the chronic disease like Cancer. With the help of artificial intelligence applications, medical science was able to create a virtual health assistant.

  1. Artificial intelligence in the Heavy Industry

Artificial intelligence has also found applications in the heavy industry and big manufacturing companies. These machines can be used to design the heavy objects shape them and carry them from one place to another. These machines have reduced the human to just controlling and supervising the machines. Deep learning neural networks also help in making the decisions for the organizations. Artificial intelligence is successful in manufacturing industry because it automates most of the repetitive jobs and the cost of production per unit decreases.

  1. Artificial Intelligence in E-commerce

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing sectors. E-commerce has been benefitted from artificial intelligence in many ways. AI-based recommendation engines have given a personalized touch to the users. Natural Language Processing and deep learning can understand the likes, interests, geographical area, gender etc of the user. Another application is machine learning algorithm built chatbots that can offer customer support and interaction. Data science consulting companies are building software for the E-commerce that can handle the demand and supply chain for the E-commerce websites

  1. AI in Business Intelligence Services

AI and Machine Learning are helping the business intelligence consulting companies in providing better business solutions. Businesses are making use of machine learning services to fullest in almost all the domains like manufacturing, packaging, marketing, and supply chain analysis. This has made the business operations more transparent and data analytics becomes effective and simple to understand. AI has also helped the businesses in reaching out to the potential customer by leveraging the power of digital marketing. The customer support service has also improved with the use of artificial intelligence chatbots.

  1. AI in Virtual Assistance

We all are familiar with wittiness and presence of mind of the virtual assistant Siri. Apple’s Siri is a virtual digital assistant that can answer the queries of the user. Virtual assistants can perform the tasks and services for the user on the basis of input, environment, and data provided. AI assistant can manage the Emails, calls, notifications, and messages for the user. Artificial intelligence assistants can be classified on the basis of the degree of received intelligence. They can be classified as model-based reflex agents, utility-based agents, goal based and learning based agents.


Artificial intelligence is becoming a part of the day to day life. Artificial intelligence is finding applications in the technology-related fields but it is also gaining applications in the areas where nobody has imagined. Artificial intelligence applications are transforming our lives and we are going to witness this more in the upcoming future. Artificial intelligence consulting companies are proving to be a game changer and we must ask yourself are we ready for the change? The artificial intelligence incorporated with the human intelligence can do wonders in the revolutionizing the society.

If you are interested in having a career in the AI industry, this is the right time to do so. You can learn about AI and its nuances through artificial intelligence course. This will ensure that you are well versed with the skills required in AI, which in turn will guarantee you a great career.

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