Best Travel Destination for Summer 2018

Dreaming a summer escape to a far-fetched beach, discovering new cuisines in a new city, roaming in ancient ruins, relaxing at a lake, trekking on a t

Dreaming a summer escape to a far-fetched beach, discovering new cuisines in a new city, roaming in ancient ruins, relaxing at a lake, trekking on a trail, or adventuring on a mountain; our travel guide can help you figure out the best travel destination for your 2018 summers.

We are able to find out the best places where you can enjoy anything that relaxes you and cure your stress. We have our reason to choose our specific destination and it can be the ultimate tourist spot for the upcoming summers. So start preparing for your trip by getting reservations in advance before the season fills up all the hotel rooms and flights.

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So what is this destination which is loaded with plentiful beaches, multiple terrains, cultural cities, diverse food, and towering mountains? It is Pakistan. Yes, it is hard to believe that a South Asian country will be weighed down with such natural spots for tourists to discover and relax in summers. Pakistan is home to the tallest mountains, warm coastal areas, long rivers, cool hill stations, lakes, wildlife, deserts, and most importantly beautiful people. It is a place which will deliver the highest value for each of the money you spend. Most importantly, it is a country which can be visited in a week’s trip, 2 week’s trip, 3 weeks or even a month long trip. It is all about your preference what places to visit.

Most recently, Pakistan was ranked number 1 country to visit in 2017 by British Backpackers Society. They made their journey to Pakistan, and after a long trip was able to give the top spot for this cultural hub. Moreover, almost all the cities with interest are equipped with Airports, making them easily accessible for anyone. Tourism has also boomed up in the country as the region has stabilized after years of turmoil and spillover from the neighboring countries. So it is the perfect destination for you to visit in 2018 summers.


Pakistan enjoys a long coastline and beautiful beaches. Although they are easily accessible throughout the year, it is best to visit them in the spring season as it is neither too cold nor too hot. The financial capital of Pakistan, Karachi has many beaches for its visitors. You can rent a house on the seaside and enjoy the cool water and nice warm nonstop sunbath. The coast of Baluchistan is also a haven for beach lovers. There are numerous resorts in Ormara, Kund Malir, and Gwadar city waiting to be occupied by tourists. Pakistan is truly a blessed country with beaches for all the beach lovers.


There is a lot to do when spending your summers in Pakistani cities. Although it can get a little crowded with frequent traffic jams, they are worth your time. Karachi holds a unique position in Pakistan. It is financial hub of the country and trade is conducted through it. But it is also a great city with different cuisines for all its visitors. The best thing about Karachi is that you can easily eat a Punjabi cuisine or a Balochi dish. You can also find ample Chinese, Thai, Indian, Persian, and Western Restaurants for a change in taste. Apart from that, the city is also loaded with historical places.

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Lahore is the second largest city of Pakistan and considered as the Beating “Heart of the country”. It is rich in culture and historical places, and you can get the finest cuisines here. It is said that if you haven’t seen Lahore, you haven’t seen anything. There are a lot of things to do and see in Lahore. Found out more by visiting the South Asian cultural capital. Other cities include Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Quetta, and more.

Ancient ruins:

You might have studied in your early history classes that South Asia is one of the sites for early human settlements. Today, these sites are included in Indus Valley Civilization; and can be seen in Harappa, Texila, Mohenjo-Daro, Makli, and several other places. This land is rich in ancient history, and you can see amazing ancient forts built in the era of Alexander the Great, huge palaces built by Mughals, ancient roads, and gardens that can leave you with an open jaw. Their history is remarkable and we recommend you to research a bit about them before visiting.

Rivers and Deserts:

Pakistan is rich in a diverse landscape. It offers you to take a brief trip in some of its biggest deserts. Each year jeep rallies are hosted by Pakistan in the Cholistan Desert. Thar and Cholistan deserts are also rich in wildlife. The culture which is practiced in these regions influences the fashion and art all over the world.

Rivers in Pakistan are an important source of food and water. You can take a boat ride in River Indus at Sukkur and if you are lucky, you will be able to see the rare and endangered Indus river dolphin.


Pakistan is home to some of the most beautiful and highest lakes in the world. It will take more than a month just to see all the lakes in this beautiful country, some of them still not explored. We suggest you visit a few accessible lakes and admire the beauty of the country.

Mountains and Meadows:

Mountains are the blood of this country. Each year, thousands of people visit Pakistan from all over the globe just to climb these mountains. Pakistan is home to some of the highest peaks in the world. Its three mountain ranges Karakorum, Hindu Kush, and the Himalayas are the highest ranges in the world. For this reason, Pakistan is the second most visited country for its mountains, in the world. Tourists from all over the world travel to these remote mountain regions not only to climb them, but also for skiing in winters, trekking, hiking, exploring, and seeing the wildlife that resides in them. With airports in Gilgit city, Skardu, and Chitral, they are also easily accessible. The Northern Areas of Pakistan are also rich in lakes and glaciers. The world’s longest glaciers outside Arctic and Antarctic Circle, are found in Pakistan.

Northern and north-western Pakistan is also opulent with lush green high-altitude meadows. You are left speechless after visiting these heavenly places. They are also home to some of the world’s most endangered species. So when you travel, keep your cameras fully charged, and ready to capture an image of a rare animal.

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There are countless other natural wonders in this beautiful country, but we are sure that some of them we discussed here is enough to convince you to visit Pakistan this summer. It is surely one of the best travel destinations in 2018 and every moment you spend in it is worth your time.

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