How to Spend 72 Hours in Seoul

Seoul is the capital and the largest city of South Korea. It is known for its stunning size and superlative modern structures, high technology subways

Seoul is the capital and the largest city of South Korea. It is known for its stunning size and superlative modern structures, high technology subways, street markets, and some cultural Buddhist temples and palaces. Each year, Seoul attracts thousands of international tourists from all over the world. This city is indeed a place where modern culture meets ancient cultures.

Soon after you land in this city, you start getting amazed by its sheer size, skyscrapers, and all the other things you see on your way to the hotel. You will definitely be intimidated by all the structures around you. Even though there are a lot of buildings and amazing marvels of engineering in this city, there are great parks and gardens where you can submerge yourself in nature and bliss.

Exploring Seoul

Seoul is a multi-cultural city in South Korea. Tourism is on the all-time rise in this city and it has a lot to offer to all its admirers. Three days are perfect to enjoy this city, and see what it has got. Home to millions of people, this city has some great panoramas. Skyscrapers compete with high rise hills and at the night time, stars in the sky do the same with the city lights. Extremely delightful cuisines also spark our taste and the fresh aroma of Korean dishes are always in the air.

For our esteemed readers, we are going to provide three days or 72-hour itinerary of a wonderful trip to Seoul. This Seoul travel plan is flexible, as it offers you a great choice to see this city as you like it but we recommend you to stick to the plan. You can also fly in and out of the city as your suitability. We have covered all the major tourist attractions in this city, but you can also visit other landmarks as the plan is flexible. So happy Korean holidays!

Our wildcard traveling tip

Whenever you plan your holidays, it is imperative that you consult renowned travel agents or agencies. They can help you acquire cheap flight tickets, as well as some great traveling deals and promotions on accommodations, and transportation. So plan wisely and consult traveling experts before you leave.

72 hours in Seoul, South Korea

Day 1: First 24 hours

You can choose to book your flight to Seoul in the night, so you can rest for a while in the hotel, or in early in the morning. The first thing you should do is the hotel check-in. There are a lot of hotels and guest houses in Seoul. A travel agency will help you find a great accommodation, so consult them always. Afterward, you should refresh yourself and settle down. If there is time, you can also rest a bit.

You can start an exploration of this city from day 1. The very best idea to start will be from the Bukchon Hanok Village. This place is a cultural heritage of Seoul and the best thing about this place is that it is just a few meters away from Korea’s most famous palaces: Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung. These are 14th and 15th-century palaces and were built by Joseon Emperors. These palaces are located on either side of the Hanok Village and are easily accessible. You can plan a day trip to this part of Seoul, and do your lunch and dinner there. The sunset is truly exceptional there and deserves a few snaps. As the sun disappears into the high hills of the city, you should be ready with your camera to capture the magnificent display of nature.

Spend some time in the street markets of this city later in the city. You can also hang a little more in the DJs and nightclubs to enjoy some nightlife.

Day 2: Next 24 hours

Try to end your first 24 hours by going early to bed, as the next day is even more exciting. Try to wake up before the daylight, as we want you to take an early morning walk up to the Seoul City Wall. This part of the city is located on the north side, and we want you to take the benefit of cool breeze and little sunlight. You can enjoy a unique view of modern and ancient Seoul. When there is no mist, you can have a glimpse of the Blue House, the official residence of the President of South Korea.

After visiting the City Wall early in the day, your next stop will be a biking tour alongside the Han River. ON your way, you can have a great view of Seoul Forest from the metro. Afterward, you can head to the Namsan Mountain, which is home to the Seoul’s enthralling N Seoul Tower. After enjoying some great views from the observatory, we recommend you to rush your way to the different part of the City Wall to observe the sunset. Nightfall will bring you more excitement as we recommend you to visit Cheyonggyecheon, a river stream that drifts through the district of Jongno. There are some amazing skyscrapers in the vicinity, so feel free to take some pictures of them before heading to your hotel in the metro.

Day 3: Last 24 hours

Your last day will take you to visit the downtown of Gangnam. It is this place where the song Gangnam Style took its inspiration from. After spending little time there, you have a great option to visit places, restaurants, and other districts. However, we recommend you to take a ride to the De-Militarized Zone, the official border of South Korea and North Korea. It is a great place to go as it offers a unique experience for everyone. But we recommend you to take a day trip to DMZ. Afterward, you can spend some time in clubs, and discos of Seoul before checking out and heading back home.


This 3 day trip to Seoul isn’t all-inclusive, but due to its flexible nature and diversity, it can suit anyone. Seoul is a dynamic city, and some people won’t agree with us that 3 days are enough to see everything, and we agree with them. But sometimes time is just limited, and so are resources. So we should always make the most of the things we have and try to visit maximum attractions and landmarks we can in our limited time and resources.