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How to get more followers on Instagram? Following these methods

It is easily understood that for bloggers it is absolutely vital to have broad outreach. Bloggers need to be present on various social media platform

It is easily understood that for bloggers it is absolutely vital to have broad outreach. Bloggers need to be present on various social media platforms as it will be easier for people to find them from there. Today, Instagram has about 1 billion monthly users, and almost everyone seems to be on the app. In the event that you are a blogger, then it will be vital for you to have a profile on Instagram. In this article, you will learn about how you can get real instagram followers for being able to promote your blog.

In order to get noticed more on Instagram, you must constantly share and upload beautiful photos and videos. You will have to create a core audience group whom you want to serve and upload content which will interest them. You should follow the tips mentioned here to increase your followers:

  1. Choose a nice username – Your journey on Instagram shall begin when you have set your account up. When you already got a well-established blog set up, then you can try sticking to it on all platforms and keep that same name on Instagram. If that is not the case, then you need to come up with a username which is both catchy and also professional. You should add to it a beautiful profile picture, a short bio that is bulleted. Lastly, add the link to your official blog website. Pick a name that reflects your business or the topic or niche that you are going to blog about in general. This needs to be reflected in the title as well.
  2. Use more stories – Although it is important to use good photos, in order for you to have your profile look unique on Instagram, then you must tell some stories through the photos that you upload. You can use your captions for introducing your subjects or topics. You can share innovative ideas for future posts or humorous posts or even historical facts. Stories will arouse interest in your followers who would like to come back for hearing more from you.
  3. Make use of relevant hashtags – On Instagram, you will be getting a chance to use almost thirty hashtags on each photo. You can choose not to use the hashtags however content which has at least twelve or more hashtags would get more audience engagement. Do thorough research for the popular hashtags in your nice and use them on your posts. When you get more followers, you can consider using your own unique hashtag.
  4. Put geo-tags on your photos – Your blog posts will basically help people find more solutions to their problem and also learn new interesting information. You will have to replicate this on Instagram. Share photos with geo-tags as it can help the audience learn more about the photo.
  5. Engage influential Instagram accounts more – You need to follow, engage, and tag those profiles on Instagram on your best Instagram photos because it will help you to become more visible on the social media app. You must be keeping your eyes and ears open for such competitions or giveaways because it will be a wonderful way to have your content showcased. Show your photos more and tag people and other business centers because it will help in promoting your profile because your profile will also get featured on their own social media profiles.
  6. Instagram slideshows can introduce the blog posts – On Instagram, you will find a slideshow feature that can help you to make a story from a photo series. You can be able to create mini-guides or catalogs of things which belong to your niche and upload them. You also put tags on the individual photos so that you can give the required credit to certain places or experience which you want to share.
  7. More Instagram stories – It is easily understood that in general people will tend to be spending a lot of time to watch videos rather than see photos. Thus, you can use your Instagram Story feature for uploading photos which show some candid actions or behind the scenes of your posts, or you can just talk about something personal or anything. This will allow you to get more engagement and consequently more followers.
  8. Post more often – You need to be consistent in the manner that you make your posts on Instagram. You will have to post regularly on Instagram so that you can keep your audience remain and stay engaged. Your audience will know about the manner and rhythm of your posts, and they will know when they can expect your latest post. You should post at about the same time on a daily basis. Also, you should make about two posts every day and three posts when you are just starting. When people start to leave behind comments on your photos, you should reply to them.
  9. Engage more with people – You can build a strong organic audience when you invest more time on Instagram. You need to have the right amount of energy in being able to do this along with a steady supply of great content. You should devote at least two hours every day for your work on Instagram. In the beginning, this may seem like a lot, but in the long run, you will have a dedicated and engaged audience who will love your content.

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Today Instagram is the most popular social media platform in the world with thousands of users. You need to promote your blog on Instagram and get a new audience from all around the world. The first thing required would be for you to get more cheap instagram followers on your Instagram profile. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you in this regard.

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