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Benefits of Instagram as a Social Media Platform for Businesses

Businesses know that the traditional methods of marketing are completely dying out because they are not only costly but also the world is becoming dig

Businesses know that the traditional methods of marketing are completely dying out because they are not only costly but also the world is becoming digital. They know that without the ideal social media marketing strategies, they are not going to stand anywhere in this hugely competitive market. Instagram started in the year 2010 and after Mark Zuckerberg observed the potential in this platform, he purchased Instagram. Since then, Instagram has not known anything other than growing. In comparison to the other social media platforms, each and every business has started reacting to this particular platform. According to lyfemarketing, if you consider only the topmost brands all over the globe, you will know that 90% of the brands have Instagram accounts.

You need to understand why Instagram is the best social media platform for the brands. Firstly, you need to gain knowledge about the important Instagram statistics.

  • Almost one billion people are actively using this platform each month.
  • 80% of the users, who are on Instagram, follow the business accounts.
  • Instagram has more than 2 million advertisers.
  • Almost 59% of the micro influencers have the belief that they are getting the best possible engagement on Instagram in comparison to the other social media platforms.
  • 60% of Instagrammers visit the social media platform regularly.

These statistics are crucial because they are capable of proving the growth of Instagram and provides with the reason as to why the big, as well as small brands, prefer Instagram in comparison to the other social networking sites. You can use Like4Like in the captions for attracting more people to like your posts.

Given below is a list of the benefits that you need to know about.

Half of the Instagrammers are using Instagram for purchasing products online

Not a single person believes in purchasing products without going through the reviews. However, it has been observed that genuine product reviews are only posted on Instagram because the users tend to post pictures of a particular product or service that they have taken from a particular brand. If even 2 or 3 users are using your products and they are posting it on Instagram, you can use those pictures to prove to your customers that you are providing genuine products or services. User-generated content has the power to drive more followers into your Instagram account. This has led to more and more people purchasing products from Instagram, irrespective of whether they are following the brand or not. You can definitely use this for your advantage.

The user base of Instagram will allow you to contact the unreached audience base

It is true that there are 500 million Instagrammers who are active regularly, and almost 266,666,667 of these people are purchasing products with the help of the Instagram advertisements as well as business profiles. However, there is always an unreached audience base on Instagram, who are not aware of the products or services that you are offering. It is your duty to ensure that you are using hashtags in order to ensure that your photos are trending so that you can tap into this customer base.


Instagram is responsible for providing the brands with a competitive edge over the other brands that belong to a similar niche. It does not matter if you are not present on the other social networking sites, but currently, it is crucial that you take your business on Instagram.