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6 Tips to choose the right shade for a dental crown

We all want healthy and white teeth. But we have this deep-rooted fear of visiting the dentist. With modern-day technology, the role and scope of de

We all want healthy and white teeth. But we have this deep-rooted fear of visiting the dentist. With modern-day technology, the role and scope of dentistry are expanding. It means gone are the times when going to the dentist meant the removal of wisdom tooth. Now, thanks to innovation and the latest technology, a dentist can give you a new smile with crowns.

Why are dental crowns becoming a big deal?

A dental crown, made from ceramic or porcelain, can conceal the entire tooth. Dentists generally make crowns individually, depending upon your dental structure so that they can easily blend in with your other teeth. As per a study conducted at the University of Palermo, Italy, radical diet changes increases the chances of having damaged teeth. It is quite common for even young adults to have chipped and broken teeth. Here, crowns come to the rescue, taking the place of broken tooth and giving you your confidence back. While a majority of people get crowns for aesthetic reasons, for many others, it comes as part and parcel of dental treatment. When you get a dental implant or root canal, the dentist puts a crown to cover the tooth. The purpose of a crown is not just aesthetics but also makes the teeth fully functional. With proper care and caution, a crown can last for years on end.  

How to choose the right shade for a dental crown?  

1.  Get a shade test at the beginning of your appointment: A majority of doctors tend to perform the testing of shade at the end of an appointment after they have performed the entire procedure. During the treatment, the patients sit with their mouth open for long along with the evacuation of saliva. It can lead to dryness in mouth and teeth, which leads to the teeth turning a shade lighter. So, if you take the test at the end of the session, you are bound to opt for brighter shades that can stray away from the real shade of your teeth.

Tip: Ask your doctor or technician to take the shade test during the beginning of your appointment to avoid opting for wrong shades.  

2. Take the color of restorative material into consideration: Dental restoration treatments are becoming quite popular today. Dental restoration or filling involves restoring the function of broken or missing teeth. The material a dentist uses in the process of repair can also be an essential consideration. Why consider the material? The prep color of the material will alter the shade of the crown, and make it look different than your normal teeth. 

Tip: Make sure you take the prep shade’s picture and ensure the restoration prep is similar to the shade of the crown.

3.   Get the right light and flash: Most people tend to forget the importance of proper lighting when capturing pictures for selecting their crown’s shade. Both the natural lighting of the room and the light of flash can alter the image and the shade of the crown, making it look odd. Using color-corrected lighting in the place can ensure that you pick the perfect shade.

Tip: Use a dual point flash or a ring flash, with a diffuser to reduce the glare. To get a better picture, make sure that the wall color is light, grey and light blue works better.    

4.   Make the most of digital imaging: With the advancement in technology, a better and more convenient imaging system is helping dentists. They make use of the digital imaging process, which involves a digital camera and a charged coupling device. With the help of the latest equipment, a dentist can see the images directly on their computer screen, share it with the patient or lab, and store it for future references. Digital images, when clicked with a camera that has better resolution, can reveal much more than a standard picture and hence, aid in picking the right dental crown shade.  

Tip: Investing in cameras with higher resolution can get you closer to getting the right shade for crowns.

5.  Place the shade tab right: A shade tab is a conventional yet simplistic way to ascertain the right shade of your crown. Despite being an easy way, a lot can go wrong when you measure the shade with it. Not putting the shade tab in the right position is a common error that can lead to measuring the wrong shade. When you hold it accurately, the technician will be able to measure the exact shade for your crown, ideally similar to your other teeth.

Tip: Place the shade tab or tabs joining its incisal edge to the incisal edge of teeth. Besides that, hold the shade guide inside the mouth, closer to the teeth.  

6. Pose right for the camera: A lot of efforts go into making sure that the shade of crown matches your natural teeth. Another way to ensure its accuracy is by positioning your teeth on the same surface plane as that of the camera. Facing into the camera, but a few inches to the left or right can not only reduce the glare but help you ascertain the right shade.  

Tip: Standing parallel to the camera and keeping the teeth on the same level as that of the camera can get the best results. Avoid sitting or reclining in the chair.

Dentistry is an ever-evolving field. With the latest technology and equipment, dentists are making use of a spectrophotometer and digital imaging to understand the situation and offer the best treatment to their patients. The patients too have high expectations with restorations and implants, to look not just natural, but make their teeth better than the original. While getting the shade of dental crown can be a daunting task, it gets every more tricky when dealing with children. When it comes to your younger ones, it is always better to get lasting crown pediatrics that are of premium quality. If getting the right shade still seems like an impossible task, keep these few tips in mind to get it right on the first try.