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Don’t Panic! What to Do When You Lock Yourself Out

If you think that this could not possibly happen to you, consider this: How many times have you caught yourself in a state where you simply weren’t a

If you think that this could not possibly happen to you, consider this: How many times have you caught yourself in a state where you simply weren’t aware of what you were doing or how you got to doing it? Chances are the answer is not never. Albeit a problematic situation, locking yourself out does not have to be such a stressor if you are prepared and acquainted in advance with adequate solutions.   

Leave a copy with someone you trust

Create a couple of copies and give those keys to people you trust (and who, preferably, live close to you in case you are locked out without a cell phone on you). That way, even if you do get locked out of your home, you can reach them easily, ask them for the key, and let yourself back in again.

Hide a key copy

Some people choose to be prepared for such unpleasant situations by making a copy of the key and hiding it in a special place. In case you do opt for this solution, it is of utmost importance that you choose the hiding spot really carefully so that nobody else can stumble upon it. Extra caution here means you are avoiding possible break-ins or burglaries, therefore make sure you are the only person who knows the whereabouts of the key and that nobody sees you when you do hide it.

Talk to professionals

If you have found yourself completely unprepared in this inconvenient situation and have not thought ahead, there is another option. Whether you have forgotten to take your key with you or the key is stuck inside the lock or had broken inside it, you can contact always professionals. For instance, day or night, people regularly require the assistance of a reliable locksmith in Sydney to enter their home, fix their locks, and even install new or more practical locking systems that will not require them to carry a key.

Check for open windows or doors

Before you left your home, you may have left a door unlocked or one of the windows open which would allow you to get back inside. Check if you have done so before you decide on other solutions that would require more energy or time.  

Use visible reminders

If you know yourself to be oblivious and frequently forget where you left things or to take them with you, do something very simple to counteract that trait. You can set a reminder written in big letters on the inside of your entrance door or somewhere next to it, which would urge you to check if you have packed your keys. 

Keep your keys somewhere visible

Fight your forgetfulness or absent-mindedness by creating a powerful habit. Learn to always leave your keys in a place you are bound to look at when you are exiting your home. 

Install helpful apps

Your phone can be immensely helpful in preventing these situations, but only if you remember to use it wisely. Use the alarm option or find a good app that you can install on your device which will work as a reminder. For example, if you know you leave for work every day at 6.30 AM sharp, set a permanent reminder for approximately that time to ensure you always exit with the keys packed.

Use credit cards or similar tools

You have most likely seen this solution shown in multiple films and series. But have not had a chance to test its effectiveness yourself. Depending on the kind of door lock you have, the main idea is this: you can push a plastic card of a sort (you need something very thin and solid) between the frame and the door so that it reaches all the way to the mechanism. Once that is done, you are supposed to press against the slant-latch, or rather, to push it out of the door frame to be able to unlock the door. It should be pointed out that this may take a bit more time and patience, so don’t immediately stop trying if you don’t succeed at unlocking the door with a credit card right away. 

Turn to neighbors for help

If you are on a friendly basis with your neighbors, consider giving a spare key to them to ensure you can always get into your home. If you’re not that close, you can still turn to them for help and ask them to make any necessary phone calls, lend you the tools you may require, and so on.

In conclusion…

Planning ahead is the best way to prevent yourself from being locked out. Still, even if that does happen, there are plenty of ways to solve this bothersome situation, so there’s no reason to panic.