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Best ways to refresh your living space

Sometimes you just feel you need a change in your living space. There are many ways to do it, so here are some that don't require too much of your ti

Sometimes you just feel you need a change in your living space. There are many ways to do it, so here are some that don’t require too much of your time and money but which can do wonders.

Add a gallery wall

A gallery wall is a great solution for a blank space or for adding the room a bit of personality. You can use so many things – record covers, photos, prints; you can even use spare bits of wallpaper or put fabric cut-offs into a frame. If you opt for photos on the gallery wall, try different arrangements until you hit the right one. There are tons of inspiration online on how to display photos on a gallery wall.

Coffee table upgrades

You can make the coffee table a centerpiece in the room. Let other items echo the colors of the coffee table. For instance, the metallic sheen on the coffee table can also be seen on decorative items around the room. The coffee table itself can be decorated in many ways – with fresh flowers, favorite books or beloved souvenirs from your travels.

Paint the furniture

With just a brush and a bit of inspiration, you can DIY your old furniture and make it shine. Have a look around your home and find pieces suitable for this type of improvement. If you think they would fit into the living room, then take a brush and give them a fresh coat of paint.

Turn a boring nook into a cozy spot

If the nook is small, then maximize the space by going vertically. Compact furnishings that don’t need much space are the best option. You can install a wall-mounted fold-out desk and add a slender chair, turning the nook into a cute working spot. Alternatively, filling a high free-standing shelf with books and adding a small tabouret next to it is all you need for a reading corner.

Paint the floor

This isn’t a quick job, to be fair, but it’s still pretty simple and cheap. Painting the floorboards will take you a day or two but the effect could be amazing. You can go all trendy by painting them in black, adding elegance to the room. If not, there are more neutral tones to go with.

Consider a new rug

Cheaper than getting a new sofa, a new rug could add a new, fresh look to the whole room. If you want to follow the trends, then add a few layers of rugs for a luxurious look. A large jute rug will look interesting peeking under a smaller, patterned rug. You can stay within the budget by browsing a great online rug store and finding a good offer. 

Alternatively, you can simply swap your bedroom rug with the one in the living room.

Update the artwork

The paintings and photos hanging around the room can get a bit boring after some time. Or maybe they are simply out of style now. A quick fix could simply be a change of frames – a different color or style can do a lot. Take out the old photos and replace them with newer ones.

Rearrange the furniture

Sometimes you can make a change without buying a single thing. Play with the furniture in the room and do something unexpected – pull out the sofa away from the window, for instance. Or bring the wicker inside! Spend a few hours trying out different combinations and you’ll find the right one.

Get a slipcover for the sofa

If your furniture is outdated, no need to buy a new one. A simple slipcover in a trendy or neutral color will suffice. A neutral color will also give you an opportunity to add stylish details like decorative pillows. Get them in different sizes and patterns for a colorful, playful look.

Final comment

When desperate for a change in your living space, start with the things or areas you find most boring or outdated. Once you improve them, maybe you’ll realize that was all the change you needed.