In order to answer we need to take into consideration 3 items: your Preference, the Grain and the Method of Preparation! At Coffeelifious we can find

In order to answer we need to take into consideration 3 items: your Preference, the Grain and the Method of Preparation! At Coffeelifious we can find many methods to put a perfect coffee.

It seems that preparing the perfect cup is almost impossible, but calm down, let’s start with the easiest and tastiest taste that pleases your taste buds! There are several types of coffees, fruity, more or less full-bodied, more bitter, soft, try all our specialty coffees and choose your favourite.

With the quality of the grain you need not worry, for this we have a Taster, Roaster and Barista, who offers their customers the best grains, ensuring the quality of your drink.

Now I only miss the last question and for him we prepare a brief description of some methods of preparation that will ennoble the perfect cup!

But before that, be aware of some important tips:

  • Use mineral or filtered water because the chlorine interferes with the aroma? Of drink;
  • Do not boil water, the ideal temperature is 93 ° C to 98 ° C (so it starts to bubble);
  • If using paper filter, scald it first to remove the taste of the material;
  • Pre-infuse, soak all the powder before straining and then pour the rest of the water slowly, without stirring;

And finally, scrape the cup before serving, to keep the coffee hot for longer.

MOKA –  

The coffee prepared at Moka is more full-bodied. When heated, the water comes in contact with the coffee powder, which is pushed under pressure to the top of the moka, forming a light cream, similar to that obtained in the espresso coffee method.


The cloth colander is the classic way to make coffee. It allows the solids to pass, accentuating bitterness and resulting in a full-bodied drink.


Put the ground coffee, water, in this order in Ibrik and bring it to the fire. It can break the “never boil coffee” rule. Here it is forbidden to stir the drink so as not to mix the dust that has accumulated in the bottom of the cup.


This method extracts the full flavour of coffee. Heat the coffee maker and add the powder; add hot water, stirring, and leave for 5 minutes. Then push the plunger down serving directly into the cup.


Espresso prepares a creamy and aromatic drink; it is considered the most appropriate method to appreciate all the nuances of the drink.


Clever is a brewing method that allows you to control brewing time. Coffee made with Clever can be compared to the French Press method, where it is possible to control the extraction time, without the inconvenience of the presence of particulates by using the paper filter.

HARIO V 60 – 

 Developed in Japan, this ceramic colander is very different from the traditional one. The tapered shape, large opening at the base and internal spiral lines allow accurate extraction of the coffee, resulting in a clean and tasty drink.


Method that produces strained coffee using manual air pressure through a paper filter. The result is a soft drink that has a strained coffee texture but the complexity of an espresso.


Invented by a chemist in 1941, its unique and tapered shape, where colander and container are interconnected, helps maintain the temperature. The triple layer filter results in a cleaner drink.


Its cylindrical shape unites art and science. Created in 1840, it is an infusion preparation method, which works by means of theThermal Transfer Principle


The filter is made with 24 carat gold that does not absorb the oils like paper and cloth, meaning resulting in more flavour in your coffee.