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How to choose an essay topic on write in Competition?

Writing an essay is a very difficult thing to execute in this world. But what is more crucial and problematic is to choose the topic on which you are

Writing an essay is a very difficult thing to execute in this world. But what is more crucial and problematic is to choose the topic on which you are going to write. And in a competition, the pressure is doubled. If you are given a topic, you might feel unsatisfied because you think; you do not have much to write on them. On the other hand, if you are given freedom to choose the topic of your own, it becomes more difficult. In that case, you will become puzzled to find the most important topic in the vast ocean of topics all of which seem equally important to you at that moment. A topic should always be chosen in a way for a competition which must have multiple areas to write on. Having diverse side of a topic will make the writing more interesting; because, one is certainly not taking up all the aspects and write. 

Here are some tips on how to choose a good essay topic for competitions. 

1) Steps for Choosing a Writing Topic- Firstly, when you are given a discipline, you need to find a topic that comes to you as the most interesting one. But it might happen that no topic is getting attention to your choice, then, it is better to choose a topic that is more interesting than the others. The second thing that you need to follow is to analyze the topic. A topic can be broad where they do not tell you the exact aspect you need to focus and write on. A broad topic is still easier to write because as not any specific aspect is mentioned to white on, you can take up any aspect of the topic and write. But for a narrow topic, the participant has to write on the aspect given only, which they might find difficult or less informative to them. Thirdly, it is very important to have idea of resources to write on topics in essay writing competition.

2) Key Points to Consider- Now, there are certain basic key points that you need to consider. The first thing is to fathom how much do you know about the topic. A topic can be so interesting to you that you might crave to write on them but you end up writing not even a single word. So, it is more important to choose a topic on which you can write. Secondly, you can repeat a topic or use a vastly written topic on your essay competition. But make sure, you write from an angle which was not covered yet in the researches. Thirdly, asking a professional to give tips to choose an essay writing topic for competition is a good idea. Lastly, the offbeat topics might seem interesting, but it is more difficult to find resources to write on them. 

3) Do and Don’t- First one needs to decide which type of essay he/she is willing to write. Secondly, it is very important to choose such a topic where there is efficient data on it and one can access to all the resources. Thirdly, if you aren’t coming up with anything, just brainstorm on the ideas for the topic of the competition.  On the other hand, never hesitate to change the topic because of its difficulty level. Also, you should see before narrowing down a topic, whether it is possible to narrow down or not. And lastly, it would be foolish to look smart by choosing offbeat topics for competition writing.

4) Common Mistakes- To avoid the common mistakes, here are tips for writing a long paper. Firstly, one isn’t supposed to choose a boring topic; because it is easy to write. Secondly, repeating the same old topic from the commonly told perspective can be disastrous. And lastly, arbitrary narrowing of topic for competition is very unprofessional. 

Above are the best tips of choosing topic for an essay competition.