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Email Marketing Growth Hacks for Small Businesses

Even though email marketing is viewed as a long-term strategy by most companies and businesses, it can be an excellent way to bring in new customers

Even though email marketing is viewed as a long-term strategy by most companies and businesses, it can be an excellent way to bring in new customers to the business relatively quickly. Email marketing is not only a great way to help existing businesses reach the customers they already have, but it is also a great way for a business to tell their customers about new developments such as the opening of a new branch or the introduction of new product lines. It is therefore important that every business learns how to do effective email marketing. Below, we will look at some email marketing growth hacks that will come in handy for your small business.

Timing is Key

We all receive so many emails in a single day. Because of this, we do not have enough time to deal with all of them. If you want customers to read your emails, send them at the right time and on the right days. There are lots of software options that will tell you which is the best time to send your emails after analyzing your subscribers and your business.

If you do not have or cannot afford such software, try to send emails in the morning, preferably when people are commuting, during lunchtime, and around 4 pm when people are leaving their jobs. This way, people can choose to read your email during their commute.

It Is Not Always About Selling

We are being sold to and told about new products and what to buy all the time. If this is all you do, people will become tired of your emails and you might see a drop in open rates. Instead, talk to people from time to time.

Ask them how their day is going and tell them about yours. Tell them about something exciting that happened. People want to know that there is a person behind the emails they receive, and they will appreciate it a lot more if you show them that you are a real person instead of a sales or business person.


It is almost impossible to keep up with all the emails businesses send out. This is because a business might be juggling a lot of different email lists and it becomes much harder to control them all. Automation will come in very handy in these cases. 

Use email software to plan and schedule your emails. You could take a day where you write all your emails for the week and queue them to be sent at specific times. If you do this, you will find that you have a lot more time to think about other things. Most SendGrid alternatives have this functionality and you should look into them if you want to make your work a lot easier.

Segment and Personalize

Generic content no longer works. People want to feel like you are talking directly to them. Because of this, they will stop reading your emails if they feel like you are just blasting emails into their mailboxes hoping something sticks. If you want better growth, you should segment your audience and personalize your emails.

The way to do this is by dividing your audience into groups based on certain criteria. This might be age, gender, interests, spending patterns and more. Once you do this, you can start with a draft email that captures the essence of the message you would like to send. Once you have the core of the message written down, you can tweak different drafts that will go to the different groups you now have.

Always Use Social Media

Most people do not know that you can do email marketing through social media. The way you do this is by first of all using social media to collect emails. Most of the people who follow you on social media already know you, your brand and what you represent. They are therefore much more likely to respond well when you ask for their email addresses.

Next, ensure that you always share whatever is in the latest email you sent out on your social media channels. This way, even those who might have been undecided on whether they want to join your email list or not will see the value you provide and will, therefore, be more inclined to join the list.

You can always use your social media platforms to ask people what they would like to see in the next email. This not only makes it easier to tailor the emails you send out, but it also improves engagement as people can talk directly to you when you do this.

Email marketing can be challenging, but it does not have to be hard. All it takes is proper organization and learning to take advantage of growth opportunities whenever they arise. Being in touch and in tune with your audience is a great way to ensure that they receive your message and keep coming back for more, as are all others discussed above.

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