Cooking with the base of an organic oil has always been a global tradition. Most of the organic oils that are edible in nature come with a wide range

Cooking with the base of an organic oil has always been a global tradition. Most of the organic oils that are edible in nature come with a wide range of health benefits, and hence, having them as a cooking ingredient is always beneficial. One such popular organic ingredient is coconut which is abundantly found around sea coasts. Apart from cosmetics use, it is widely popular for its rich flavor in cooking. Out of the many advantages of coconut oil in cooking, let’s focus on few highlights.

Coconut is quite an intriguing fruit, available for multipurpose usage. The fleshy fruit is protected by a fibrous, mesh like brown hardcover. Due to is fibrous features, the hardcover is used for various purposes including ayurveda medicare and body care. The fleshy fruit is often added to a dessert and many countryside and continental cuisine. It always accentuates the delicacy with a unique flavour of its own. Apart from the mainstream usage, the best feature of this multipurpose sea coast fruit is the vitamins rich cooking oil that is harvested from it. The oil is extracted from the solidified whitish lump of the coconut that is the flesh of the coconut fruit.

The Preservative Feature of the Coconut Oil

The coconut oil extracted from the fresh flesh is rich in saturated fats. This high-fat content prevents the oxidation process and thus, prevents  the food from acquiring a rancid taste. The coconut oil is rich in preservative components. This is why any delicacy which has a rich base of coconut oil has a shelf life of months.

The Distinct Flavour of the Coconut Oil

The fleshy fruit of coconut has got high nutrient content. When the oil extracted from this fruit is added to the delicacies around the globe, it leaves a distinct signature taste of its own. It also has a range of unique health benefits which compels the mankind to include it in every possible edible way they can. Believe it or not, coconut oil has become the new global trend in cooking! Let’s look at the some of the best features of this cooking oil.

Coconut oil has always left people wondering of its never ending goodness, be it into he cooking ranges or any other purpose. There are a number of vegetable oils available in the market for multiple health features, but the all in one solution provided by coconut oil has always been able to give those oils a run for their money.

•  The medium-chain fatty acids in the coconut oil help in improving the metabolic process of our body as it is easily digestible by the human body. These fatty acids are not stored in the body. Instead, they are converted into units of ATPs used in metabolic process.

• Coconut oil has high heat toleration. So it can be used even at high flame cooking without causing much damage to the content.

•  Several medical associations advise to shift to coconut oil for cooking due to its richness in nutrition. Coconut oil boosts the immune system and helps in fighting immunological attacking diseases.

Lauric acid, one of the immune-booster acids in the virgin oil helps in fighting against serious diseases.

Coconut oil is extensively used in many parts of the world and is also a recognized choice for functional food. The unrefined and raw virgin coconut oil is the best one to choose as it does not contain any additives.

1. Maintaining body weight

Coconut oil has proved itself to be useful in reducing body weight. The medium chain fatty acids play an important role in doing the job.

•    The medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) are transferred directly to the liver instead of the lymphatic system through the lacteal duct. Once it reaches the liver, the MCFAs are broken down into two parts- energy and ketones. The energy is used in controlling body’s metabolism, thereby reducing the deposition of fat within our muscle cells.

•    The MCFAs gives a feeling of fullness. This triggers our brain to reduce salivation, hence decreases our appetite. Therefore, we feel that our stomach is full and lack the urge to have food frequently. In fact, in reality, it is just the doing of the MCFAs. The reduction in hunger leads to diet calorie deficit, and hence calorie loss outruns the intake.

2. Boosts up the immune system

This is one of the most important benefits of coconut oil in cooking as it promotes anti-microbial actions in the body.

•    The candida yeast can sometimes break out abnormally within the body especially under conditions like stress, high-carbohydrate diets, etc. This yeast outbreak is controlled by the caprylic acid found in coconut oil.

•    The MCFAs plays important role in deactivating the viral mechanisms. The molecules form a chain around the coat and break it, allowing the viral cell content to come in contact with the fats. The content is dissolved by the molecules, rendering them useless.

3. Keeps the heart healthy

Coconut oil potentially induces the level of the HDL cholesterol in blood which is commonly known as high-density lipoproteins. It is known as  ‘good’ cholesterol as it protects the heart from cardiac diseases. As coconut oil increases the level of the HDL cholesterol in the blood, it indirectly helps in improving the heart’s condition.

4. Helps people with  thyroid problem

Hypothyroidism is a problem caused by the deficiency of the thyroxine hormone in the blood. With this, come the basal metabolism problem and other health problems. Coconut oil can reduce the risks that come with hypothyroidism.

•    It increases the metabolism rate of the body by producing ATPs. This increases basal rate metabolism which helps the individuals with low thyroxin levels. Coconut oil does not curb away the hormonal disorder, rather it helps people in staying healthy even after suffering from hypothyroidism.

•    The heat retaining properties of the coconut oil increases the body temperature which in turns elevates the metabolic rate. This reduces the risks of thyroid problems.

5. Promote insulin secretion

The medium chain fatty acids help in sustaining insulin in the blood, therefore it helps in improving abnormal blood glucose levels. Apart from other benefits of coconut oil in cooking different cuisines.

Popular Coconut Oil Brands impacting Global Trades

The long list of benefits of coconut oil in cooking has successfully convinced multinational food processing units to produce this organic cooking oil as their mainstream product.

Various brands of coconut oil are now available over the internet market space so that people from various places can avail these brands for improving both the deliciousness of the dish and their health issues.

Let’s glance on a quick review of some of the globally available brands –

•    Nutiva organic virgin coconut oil

It is a widely demanded  coconut oil brand in many countries because of the following features –

i.    Does not have cholesterol

ii.    Raw, unrefined and hence in pure form

iii.    Provides many medium chain fatty acids

iv.    Gluten and hexane free oil

•    Barlean’s Organic Oils Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

i.    Organic and fresh and hence is useful

ii.    The freshness gives off the unique flavor of the coconut fruit and also the rich aroma of the oil

iii.    Clod pressed for improving health conditions

iv.    No additives or preservative

•    Gold label organic virgin oil

i.    No cholesterol and fatty acids

ii.    No chemicals are there

iii.    The three constituent’s fatty acids are present in sufficient amount

iv.    Excellent for various purposes

•    Tropical tradition virgin coconut oil

i.    Refined coconut oil and is of high quality

ii.    Made from well cultivated and certified coconuts

iii.    Is not hydrogenated

iv.    Do not contain any chemical additive or preservatives

•    Lucy bee coconut oil

i.    Gluten and lactose-free coconut oil

ii.    Completely vegetarian with no chemical additives in it

iii.    Raw, cold pressed and organic oil

iv.    There is no added cholesterol

Coconut oil has everything or something for different age groups. It never disappoints you when you look for health wise benefits. Switch to it today to see the magic it weaves in your life.