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The Most Common Misconceptions About Personal Injury Lawyers Adelaide moloneyandpartners.com.au

Personal Injury cases can become complicated fast. You may believe that you are capable of handling something as simple as claiming compensation from

Personal Injury cases can become complicated fast. You may believe that you are capable of handling something as simple as claiming compensation from the insurance company or demanding damages from the liable party.

However, it is in your interest to remember that insurance companies in Adelaide are pro-profit and they will always try to convince you to settle for less.

Moreover, gathering evidence to prove the liability of the other party, and receiving the settlement is not going to be easy in court.

Even after considering this truth, you might have certain reservations regarding hiring a personal injury lawyer to represent you. These reservations usually arise from misconceptions regarding personal injury lawyers and the fear of the legal system.

Here are the eight most common misconceptions about personal injury law that you need to overcome to win the case and receive the settlement you deserve –

  • I have insurance; I don’t need an attorney

None of the popular insurance companies in the country are non-profit. These pro-profit insurers always try to negotiate with the claimant for an amount lesser than the settlement you deserve.

After you file the claim, the company will send a claim adjuster for negotiating the amount. These are trained professionals, who work for the company. Therefore, they are more likely to think about the profit of the company than work for your benefit.

Negotiating with a professional claim adjuster is a bad idea for anyone not aware of the legalities of the procedure. The lawyer can lead the negotiation process, while you can just sit and watch.

Hiring the best personal injury lawyers Adelaide has ever seen can help you navigate through the complexities of the case and receive the compensation you deserve.  

  • I can hire a personal injury attorney later

Most Australian citizens are unaware of the statute of limitation in personal injury cases in Adelaide. Every state has a timeline within which the victim can file a claim.

Most importantly, if the victim accepts any monetary compensation from the insurance companies within this period, they become ineligible to file a personal injury claim in the court.

During the initial stages of negotiation, the money insurance company representatives offer might seem substantial. Nonetheless, there is always the chance of receiving a better amount while working with a pro attorney in Adelaide.

To do so, you should be able to present a strong case in your favor in the court. Therefore, the earlier you begin working with an experienced personal injury attorney, the stronger will be your case during the trial.

  • I have a family or estate lawyer, he or she can handle my case

While there is nothing wrong in seeking recommendations from your estate or family lawyer when it is time to find a personal injury attorney, you cannot rely on them for negotiating your claim with the insurance company.

Each field of law is intricate and fighting for a cause requires particular skill sets. Personal injury lawyers have acquired the necessary skill sets after years of study and practice in court.

While you might have the best family lawyer in Adelaide, their know-how might not be enough to ensure payout in a personal injury case.

  • It’s not going to trial; hiring a lawyer will be a waste of money

Holding out is not the ideal thing to go when the insurance company wants to settle outside court. However, that does not mean you will always get the best deal. Sometimes, all you need is an expert lawyer to negotiate the terms.

You might wonder why you need a personal injury lawyer since the case is not even going on trial. It is only natural to feel so! You need to realize that most insurance companies do not like to go to court when their client has a firm legal representation. They are more likely to settle outside than take the settlement to the court.

Moreover, personal injury lawyers can help you file the correct paperwork in the right order at the right places to expedite the process.

  • I need the settlement before I begin medical treatment

It is true that you need money for your medical treatment, but waiting for the settlement to arrive before seeing a doctor might be foolish. If the injury is severe, it can fester, and it can cause intense pain and suffering. After an accident, you need medical attention immediately.

Most importantly, the doctor can evaluate the wounds and give you an idea of how much therapy or treatment you need in the future.

Keeping a record of diagnoses, treatment, and medical expenses can help you receive a settlement for your physical pain and mental trauma.

  • Personal injury cases last forever

Personal injury cases do take a while, but having a proper attorney will be worth the wait. Court cases in every corner of the world can take between a few months to a couple of years.

Hiring a personal injury attorney can hasten the process since he or she can help you acquire the necessary paperwork, file the evidence and negotiate with the payers.

The duration of any trial depends on its complexity. A professional attorney can reduce the complexness of a case, and cut down the majority of its expense. Therefore, hiring a law firm to help you with your accident settlement is an investment and not a waste of time or money.

  • Suing people feels wrong

Suing only feels wrong when the defendant shares the liability for the incident or the plaintiff does not have insurance. If you have incurred injury due to the negligence of another person, you deserve compensation that can help you pay for your medical treatment and cover the loss of wages.

Most importantly, you must know that the money the guilty party will be paying comes from their insurer. In no way are you going to rob the person liable or steal money from his family coffer. It is the responsibility of their insurer to provide you with the funds necessary to cover the cost of treatment, therapy, pain, and trauma.

  • Hiring personal injury attorneys in Adelaide will be too expensive

Most attorneys working in the field of personal injury and accidents, charge based on contingency. They don’t take an advance on the case or the payout. Check out personal injury lawyers in Adelaide, who accept payment only after the defendant receives the compensation from the insurer or liable party.

The contingency is typically around 30% of the settlement amount the victim receives. The percentage can vary depending on the experience and location of the law firm

However, it should never be exuberant or more than the compensation the victim receives. Try to find an attorney, who understands the expenses of your situation.

The right personal injury attorney can completely change the way your negotiation and the compensation looks right now. It is their responsibility to find the correct evidence, file paperwork and help you see the monetary compensation your case commands.

Finding the right one might take a couple of interviews and quite a few hours of online research, but it is essential that you do not settle for the second best attorney in Adelaide. Always go for the finest one you can afford.