Faded Grandeur at the Abandoned Constanta Casino in Romania

For those thrill seekers who love nothing more than exploring creepy abandoned buildings, the vast Eastern European country of Romania has more than

For those thrill seekers who love nothing more than exploring creepy abandoned buildings, the vast Eastern European country of Romania has more than enough for them to get their fill. From ancient villages submerged underwater to a 1000-year-old abandoned monastery, this country is absolutely drenched in fascinating, eccentric, and downright thrilling history. One hotspot that is emerging on the radars of adventure tourists at the moment is the 19th Century Constanta Casino, a massive, opulent resort located on the Black Sea coast. This place is completely abandoned, completely unguarded, and it boasts a truly fascinating history.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Constanta Casino.


The history of the Constanta Casino begins at a time when Romania was a very different country than it is now. Before its half-century as a totalitarian communist state and its subsequent emergence as a modern European nation, Romania enjoyed a few fleeting decades as an independent, constitutional monarchy. After a war of independence against the Ottoman Empire, a new Romanian elite emerged, hoping to rebuild a European-style country from the rubble. 

The Romanian aristocracy first put forward plans for Constanta Casino as a means of creating a grand, impressive showcase resort on the ‘Romanian Riviera’, where they could gamble and play away from prying eyes as well as entertain foreign dignitaries. Upon the grand opening of the current building in 1910, royalty and luminaries from across Europe flocked to party at one of the grandest resorts in the region.

The casino first fell on hard times during the Second World War, when it was repurposed as a military hospital during fighting in the region. Following the takeover of the country by Soviet Russia, the bombed-out building was rebuilt and transform it into a cultural center for communist propaganda. This use was short-lived, and the site has been largely abandoned since 1956. 

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Why Go?

Complete with several grand ballrooms, ornate roulette and blackjack tables, and even some old playing cards lying around, this unusual spot is a casino lover’s dream. With the immense popularity of online casino gaming in recent years, it’s hardly surprising that Constanta is seeing a resurgence of interest. Much of the rise in the revival of casino gaming can be attributed to online slots, particularly those that offer free spins. However, if you’re just beginning to rekindle your love affair with casinos, it’s worth noting that it’s key to check if the free spins require a deposit or no deposit, as the value of the offer changes dramatically, this site explains everything. Once you’ve got to grips with online casinos, the lure of Constanta becomes all the more obvious. This place was home to some of the most decadent casino parties in European history, and the faded grandeur of it all makes it a must-visit for anyone who enjoys casino gaming. 

Exploring Constanta should be done with caution. The building has not been tended to in decades, so expect the whole thing to be rather fragile. Take extra care and have some happy exploring!