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Surprising Ways In Which A Mattress Affects Your Sleep As Well As Health

It is surprising that most of the people are not adequately prepared in their bedroom especially when it comes to a mattress that is. Most people, no

It is surprising that most of the people are not adequately prepared in their bedroom especially when it comes to a mattress that is. Most people, no one knows why seem to fail to recognize the significance of a comfortable mattress. There are several reasons for it.

  • You may be tempted to blame your budget
  • You may feel that it is good to sleep on a less than ideal mattress and
  • Even think that shut-eye approach will help you lose weight.

Well, all these may have a significant effect on your memory as well as your overall health that will ensure that you live longer.

Therefore, the question is can you really put a valid price tag on good sleep? Well, considering the realmattressreviews.com it seems that you can, given the fact that the wrong mattress or even the mattress that is simply too old can be the victim to cause that crick in your neck or the pain in your lower back.

A 2009 study on 59 healthy men and women who slept on their regular mattresses for 28 consecutive nights showed that when they slept for another 28 nights on new and medium-firm mattresses the results and findings on their stress levels based as well as the factors were worrying.

Different results of different studies

The study found that the use of bad mattresses results in symptoms like:

  • Racing thoughts
  • Nervousness
  • Irritability
  • Headaches
  • Trembling and more.

However, it was found that when the respondents changed the mattresses to a new one there was a significant decrease in stress. This may be the result of the significant increase in sleep quality as well as the decrease in pain and other symptoms that are usually associated with the firmer setup.

When you consider the dust mites that finds a happy home in your mattress, these microscopic creatures feed usually feed on the dead skin cells you shed on the mattress naturally. If you look for these in your mattress then you will find a whole host of it in it.

It is found through research that, a slipcover that comes with a label”allergy-proof” can help a lot from keeping these microorganisms from traveling from your mattress to the sheets and pillows. This will prevent them from going forward.

Therefore, if you feel that dust mites are a problem to your overall health you must focus on cleaning the mattress with a vacuum and that too regularly according to the Better Sleep Council study.

However, no study can point at the standard definition as to what makes a mattress perfect as per your given conditions and needs. You cannot judge by any specific formula as to what makes a mattress soft and what makes the same mattress firm.

The study says that a 250-pound person may describe a particular mattress to be soft while a person half the weight may describe the same mattress as firm.

Therefore, the most sensible conclusion to the study reports can be everything just boils down to comfort when you want to buy the right mattress.